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Japanese Parenting: States of a coin return

Updated on August 7, 2016

Japanese children are taught parents return seriously dropped items

In the article "Teaching shame culture Children" published in the American newspaper New York Times recently, Nicholas Kristof authors say that parents often foreigners coming to Japan feel curious and envious against children like little angels in the nursery school, in restaurants, as they never touch naughty salt shaker and pepper on the table, never demanding, whining when passing through the middle of summer ice cream parlor.

So, when the opportunity arises, Kristof decided to learn how to teach Japanese. When 5-year-old boy he picked up Gregory's a 100 yen coin (close to 1 USD) on the playground, Kristof decided to take me to the police station to return.

The younger policeman took out a declaration and asked Gregory, "I picked up the coin where?". "Yesterday sir," Gregory replied. "At what time?" - He asked police. Two Kristof do not remember your father, but they give a ballpark time luc 5pm. British police continue to ask the address, occupation and exact location that Gregory found a coin, then a call to where it seems central office meticulous report about a boy who has just paid 100 coins yen.

After attaching the manager for this coin was dropped, he praised police honesty Gregory, gave the boy two published a paper confirmation to the content they are able to get the coin back after 6 months if no one came to get.

British police took more than 30 minutes to solve the case. West can say it is a waste of time, because of the fact there are parents take their children to pay only 1 yen coin. But the Japanese see it as an investment for honesty. When out of the police station, Kristof said he found it really a good idea. But he soon realized, everything with him is not so simple.

Three days later, the boy Gregory while walking near his home to pick up 10 yen coin. "Go to the police station alone Daddy!" He said to his father.

Kristof police think he can be patient for the first time, but the second will not. Fortunately, the children are learning where Gregory has programs to help the poor raise money, but it is the children's money, not the money asked her parents.

Kristof told the boy that he could donate the coins he picked to help the poor, and he seems to find it hard to understand when suddenly he can give away money that had he been taught that it does not belong bridge. Kristof began to realize that teaching children the value of the Japanese people is not easy as he first thought.

The Japanese considered returning to teaching children dropped items is an investment for honesty.

Return cultural items not picked up and what's keeping things stranger makes the police station in Tokyo has its own like a warehouse full of shoes, umbrellas and wallets that people picked up and submitted to the police.

This culture since childhood education, so deeply rooted in Japanese culture, to the point after the earthquake and tsunami violently in 2011, police said returned habits picked furniture, including cash, Japanese people are still performed.

The anthropologist emphasized "culture of shame" by the Japanese that they do not always behave the way for people around bad review.

Social pressure makes the Japanese parents can not drive a car or go out wearing dirty shirts when giving their children to school. The pressure also prevents them from doing other bad things. Therefore, Japan has a very low crime rate, but the high suicide rate. When Japanese people depressed, they do not kill as many American neighbors, that killing herself.

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