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Japanese Teen Beheads Friend

Updated on July 29, 2014
Forensics at the scene
Forensics at the scene

Being a teen, when hormones are exploding and media rules the world, where appearance and curiosity peaks, produces odd behaviors when viewed by adults. To the teen, it is being normal. To the parent or older adults, it is weird in a silly way.

Police in Sasebo, Japan, are stunned and in shock when they discovered a grisly murder site, a crime that seldom occurs in Japan. The perpetrator and victim equally were shocking. The place where the murder occurred was shocking. The excuse given for the murder was unbelievable.

The suspect is 16. The victim is 15. The victim was the suspect's friend in a nearby high school and invited over to her house. It was always premeditated because the teen girl had gone out about bought a drill, a saw, wire. The excuse, when police asked her why she murdered her friend was, "I wanted to dissect somebody". Did her science biology class have such an impact?

Friends of the suspect described her as "very smart, with emotional ups and downs. The victim had reportedly gone out to meet friends on Saturday afternoon, but her parents notified the police when she failed to return home at night.

Her friend came over to her house and at some time, the older girl, choked her girl friend with the wire. Then, cut off her hand and sawed off her head in a grisly, bloody, crime scene. The suspect's back story may explain some things: her mother had died of cancer earlier and she lived alone in an apartment, while her father and stepmother lived in another place. Why?

Teens are known for unpredictability, but this is extreme.


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