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What Should A Parent Teach A Child

Updated on November 22, 2015
Nurture them with care  to make them strong mentally.
Nurture them with care to make them strong mentally.

Children with different attitudes

We all know that a child is shown special care and attention by his parents. The love and care which a child gets from his parents is unmatchable and this is where we need to be very cautious about.

The main thing to be noted is that children never show up that they need attention once they reach the age of 10 or 12.We need to consider first the way they express themselves in different ages.

  • Infants : The only way an infant can express that he needs attention is by crying.But, this attention seeking is not a problem as he cries for his needs and not for his wants.
  • At the age of 2 : Tantrums start building by the age of 2.These tantrums are especially for some things which they want to have with them. These can be dolls or clothes or toys which they get attracted to.These can be fulfilled by most of the parents.
  • Between 3 and 6 years : They start quarrelling for the same toy.This is the time where we as parents need to teach them social skills.They need to be taught about the fun filled when playing together instead of fighting. This can be usually tackled by asking each one of them to give some time to play with the same toy and pass it on to the next one, once the time is up.
  • Above 7 years : They do have some demands or tantrums continue while they are still in the growing age but, they need to be taught about affection and positive feelings for the other children. Being good to others, is something which they need to be taught carefully, lest they misunderstand it to be innocent and start being too generous and kind even when they need to protect themselves or think about their well being.

Once they reach 10 or 12 they need to have a proper idea about what is good and what is bad.What they ought not to do with other children.They should definitely be taught about negative and positive attitude. They need to be checked whenever they have negative attitude on other children.

A good parent
A good parent


If there’s one thing that is essentially challenging yet equally rewarding job in the world, then that would be no other than parenting.

Aside from assuring that the basic necessities for all children are met, the social, emotional and psychological upbringing should also be compatible with the struggles that life has to offer.

It is easier for parents to plan or follow right parenting strategies if they are aware of the true nature of child. It is also easier for parents to show right path to children if their true nature is identified. Identifying true nature of child will help to transform child’s behaviour if required.

Let us find out how to identify child’s true nature.

If a child behaves bad, irritated or frustrated, we should remember that it is not the nature of the child nor she does so intentionally. Many a times, it is because of their immaturity and the child is oblivious of multiple changes within herself, which leads her towards such behaviour.

Being Friendly : Children also face different problems in their peer group, which they generally hesitate to share with parents. This may also be a reason for their indifferent behaviour. Parents can avoid many problems, if they are friendly with the child. A child feels free and does not hesitate to share anything with them. This will help the parents to keep a track of their child’s activities.

Transform the child: No child is ideal or born perfect. It all depends on what she learns by seeing and also from what is taught to her. The child is not to be blamed for her nature and her behaviour, because it is not something that she can be held responsible. It all depends on the parents how they mould or transform the child.

Nurturing positive thoughts :A parent should always remember that they are always being watched by their children.They learn everything through imitation and thus as parents, we need to be good examples for them to be in right path and behave well.

Most parents keep gossiping or chatting with their neighbours or friends. This should always be avoided if you want your child to have positive thoughts and be able to express themselves in a positive way.

Neena's Story .........Neena a parent of a 10 yr old, keeps gossiping about her in-laws, whenever she meets her parents.This is another way to express her feelings and humiliation she suffers with her in-laws. But, every time she forgets that she is infusing negative thoughts in her child by back biting about the people with whom she shows up that she has good relations all the time at home. She is even confusing her child to judge about other people around her and whether to have good terms with them.

Repercussion of Comparison :Many parents keep comparing their children with other children. This should be done only to boost their confidence levels or take the other child as an ideal to cultivate good thoughts or ideas. But, when this is not dealt in a tactful way, it only results in hatred. The child keeps feeling that the parent is being more affectionate to the other one and tries to prove him bad or himself better.This is the first step where the parent needs to monitor the child and explain them and make it clear, why they are being compared and what they ought to do.

Most negative thoughts develop, when the child feels, he is being avoided
Most negative thoughts develop, when the child feels, he is being avoided
Children develop negative ideas when they are devoid of freedom
Children develop negative ideas when they are devoid of freedom

What to do when you realize

What to Know About The Child :

Most parents fail to know the real personality of their child, how they behave during their presence and absence may not be the same. This needs to be checked by observing the child and guiding them whenever needed.There is no better guide for a parent to know about their children than their own self.

Remarks from others : Parents usually think that whatever remarks they get from the teachers, coaches or neighbours about their child are sufficient to know about their child.But, this is where the parent fails to learn the fact that its not about the exact personality of the child that they are knowing about through the teachers, coaches or neighbours, but just an instance of what they have observed and perceived about the child. And this may not be always 100% correct.

How to Know About Your Child :

We as parents need to observe and talk to our children and spend more and more time with them, to know about them.There is no other way we can know about them better. It takes a lot of patience, perseverance and needs affection and care to know about a child and to give them necessary guidance.No one else can be a better guide to you and your child and after all its your product, and you need to give the best to prove yourself as a parent !

Never ever lose hope, when you realize that your expectations about your child were much different from what they really are.Its time to boost your confidence and give the child the best to show them the right path and be a wise parent.

Behavior of Parents plays a vital role
Behavior of Parents plays a vital role
Keep an eye on your child, he must be bullying   other kids
Keep an eye on your child, he must be bullying other kids

Vengeance at Young Age

When Can You Find :

Negative Attitude Towards Other Kids : There is no specific age for a child to develop negative attitude towards other kids or people around them. Most common reason for such negative behavior is the brought up. The usual things which they keep observing in and around their home, the topics and attitude of people around them and the way they are being treated by people in their daily lives, plays a vital role in the behavior or attitude of a child.

But, once vengeance is developed in a child it takes a lot of time to change and substitute it with a positive attitude.So, this should definitely be observed by the parents and checked.If this is not checked on time, this keeps growing with the child and turns out to be terrible in their lives.

Parents can guide their children, not to have negative emotions or attitude , by story telling as this gives a clear picture of such emotions and the result of such attitudes as well.The epics of Mahabharatha and Ramayana a great source of guidance for the parents as each instance of these great epics are very much connected to our lives and there also characters which are great source of inspiration for the children to develop positive attitude and lead better lives !


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    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Add Your have stress too compare to our younger days. Back then we only worried what is our next meal..


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