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Family names: The history of Jones family Crest

Updated on October 1, 2011

The history
The origin of family crests and crest rings can be traced back to as early as the 8th century. It was common for families (or even family members) to use the Heraldry art to design their own unique coat of arms. The history of the Jones family name and its subsequent coat of arms is a couple of centuries old. It is widely thought that the name Jones has its origins in Christianity from the Biblical name, Johannes (Latin) or John. In ancient British history, the popularity of the name John came second only to William. The feminine version was Johanna. It is possible that the surname Jones could have been derived from either of the two.

The Welsh traditionally have very few names. However, their names have numerous variants as far as spelling is concerned. According to, there are many theories to explain this but the most notable dates back to the middle ages. The church allowed the welsh surnames to be used and during registrations, the officials would record the names as they sounded. Bearing in mind that most of the church scribes were not Welsh, it resulted in a person’s name being inconsistently recorded many times in a single lifetime.

Another explanation would be the translation of the Welsh names into English. The Brythonic Celtic tongue had many sounds that the English language couldn’t accurately reproduce. Additionally, members of the same family often slightly altered their names as a way of signifying allegiance to a faction of the family, or sometimes to a religion. The Jones surname has for these reasons been spelled as Joness, Jones and even Jonas.
The Jones family coat of arms is blue in color with a distinctive silver lion that has blood oozing from its wounded chest. The Jones family crest is characterized with a lion rampant which is also reflected on the Jones family crest ring.

The Jones surname is arguably the most prolific name in the world. The origin of the Jones name is Welsh even though it has its roots in Christianity. The name carries with it a considerable amalgamation of the English culture as well as the British culture. While it may not be clear whether the Jones surname came from the male Latin version of John, that is, Johannes or the female version Johanna, it remains indisputable that the Jones family crest has stood the test of time as one of the most notable family crests.


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