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Mom's sacrifice but they don't have to. Get smart about shopping.

Updated on June 9, 2014

Here are some tips to make everyone happy!

Let me be the first to tell you, there is not much I would not do to see my kids dressed to the nines. Luckily, as the number of children I had increased, my ability to shop wisely improved and I was able to wring enough out of the household budget to keep my husband proud of me and off my back.

What lessons did I learn? How did I find a way to make everyone happy?

  • I started buying summer clothes in fall and winter clothes in the spring in sizes large enough to fit my children in 6 months in the future.
  • I found out that when you shop out of season you could afford things you had once only dreamed of, like Burberry and Juicy Couture!
  • In every child’s boutique around the world, you will find a rack in the very back of the store holding unfound treasures just waiting for you buy and appreciate.
  • I hand down what I can from one child to the next, if the clothing item isn’t stained or out of style. Sometimes our used clothes just go directly to a friend of the family or a co-worker.
  • I avoid cheap clothing, the amount of money wasted replacing clothing that were flimsy and inexpensively made is not worth it. I have learned you just end up buying the same clothes twice
  • I love mix and match. It is amazing how many different ways you can style a pair of leggings, skirt, shirt, cardigan, t-shirt & tank tops; which makes 3 or 4 different outfits by adding a scarf or interchanging pieces. Accessorizing a child’s outfit with earrings, hair bows, belts, bracelets & scarves can make a regular outfit look expensive and well put together. For the most part I have noticed people do not expect a child to be accessorized like an adult so when they see a child that has on an outfit complete with finishing details it makes an impression and sets the child apart from the others.

Do I look that bad?

Everyday parents make sacrifices for their children. Some are extreme like mortgaging a home to afford the best school in town; and some sacrifices are less serious but seem to begin very early into becoming a mother. These sacrifices aren’t usually noticed until someone points them out to you like your husband who says: “Honey is that what you are wearing?” and your response is “Yes this is what I’m wearing, I don’t have anything else”. “Well why not buy an outfit for yourself?” and you reply, “Because I just spent $800.00 dollars on school clothes for the kids”. The first time you have that conversation it dawns on you that you have not bought yourself clothes besides under garments since your children were born. Now to a woman who has no children that might seem like the most depressing thought, years of sacrificing your own style in order to put infant Nike’s on your newborn that will never actually touch the pavement.

Common sense and some work and you too can afford to look great!

I have turned what could have been a stressful situation into an opportunity to be crafty, and proud of the way my children look. I no longer have to skimp on myself to buy quality clothes for my children. By taking the extra steps and being willing to plan instead of buying in the moment I have also shown my children that the finer things in life come with smarts and patience, you can have any designer shirt you want if you are willing to wait. One of the nicest compliments I think a mother can hear is how well dressed her child is, and polite of course.


Coupon codes and email's from your favorite stores

I never use to think about coupon codes or wanted to be bothered with emails from Macy's. Those days are long gone. There are so many clothing stores that offer great discounts online. Many stores have also started giving you "bucks" when you make a purchase to use towards a purchase in the future. Here are a list of stores that I know have great reward programs:

  • The Children's Place
  • Kohl's
  • Macy's
  • Payless Shoes
  • Gap Kids

Those are just a few, but I also spend and save A LOT of money at Amazon. If you buy the Amazon Prime, it is worth every penny. No more shipping fee's on Prime items and also 2 day shipping. I have found Amazon to be significantly cheaper on many things, like school supplies, shoes, party supplies, and much more!


Shopping hacks that you need to know

-->You will find (for the most part) the same items at TJ Maxx that you will find at Macy's & Nordstrom even on the same day. Why? Because designers release their fashions to all buyers on the same days and stores like TJ Maxx are no exception. The only difference is that the clothes TJ Maxx get might be slightly flawed or have a button missing or tag incorrectly spelled.

-->Marshalls- When you see a red tag item, buy it! The price will never get any cheaper.

--> (BEWARE this website is addicting) They have designer items from Marc Jacobs to BCBGeneration to 7 for All Mankind. Daily they will post a list of what items will be on sale and they run up to 70% off.

-->If you don't have Amazon prime, orders over $25.00 are free

Also do not forget reward points offered by your credit card company. I use Discover and get 5% cash back, so when I'm shopping and spending a lot of money like at school shopping season I have the peace of mind of knowing that part of what I am spending will come back to me in reward points, which I can then use to pay my bill!

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© 2014 Karen Ranoni


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