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Juvenile Delinquency: Children Running Wild Through Poor Parenting

Updated on March 28, 2015

They were our little Angels

Teen in Custody
Teen in Custody

We all love and enjoy our children. From the day they were conceived, to the day we put them in pampers, to the day they head off to school. Growing children the right way is no easy feat. The more we neglect listening to them, the deeper they think into uncertainty and bad decision making. We harness our children to think for themselves and be good problem solvers, but there are realms of decision making that should never be left up to children.

Parental Problems

There is a saying which goes "children live what they learn". Parents play a very big and important role in the proper upbringing of a child/children. No matter what, our children look up to us as adults and thus proper examples must be set for them to emulate. Parenting not only means that you pack the lunch kit, buy the new Reebok and kicks him off to school. Parenting has much more to do than just that. There are life lessons which are learnt naturally as the child grows and life lessons which must be taught to your child. Academic teachers are not the only ones responsible for educating your child.

  • Parental Values

Before the world was so technological driven and God was being banned from schools, there was something called morals and values that were taught to children. These were a set of rules and guidelines which allowed children to grow up decent and law abiding. In today's world, where children has more rights than parents, its quite hard to get these new technical minded young beings to walk a right path.

Hey Mom, Dad...Where the Drugs at?

A mother or father who is hooked on any type of drugs can never be a good role model for his/her children. The parent will be unable to make any form of conscious decisions. Drugs laying around a home sometimes leads to children experimenting and using these drugs and eventually end up becoming addicts at very early ages or even die. Even if drugs are not left lying around the home, the child can certainly know if his or her parent is under the influence. The child may tend to go out the home and try to obtain these drugs, whether it be meth, cocaine, liquor or marijuana. Possession of any of these substances by a minor is a criminal offense.

Career Over Child

It is not only children who have been brought up in broken homes have had run in with the Law, there are many children of highly regarded individuals who have had to be driven in the back of police vehicles. There are many broken children who live in luxury and has minimal monitoring by parents. The parent seldom knows what's happening around these children's life as they are either too busy managing the company or has to fly overseas to close some very important deal. Money and luxury can never be substituted for parental attention.

Abused at Home

  • Physically Abused

The child may suffer from many physical abuse such as beatings. A child that is beaten regularly most times grow to be violent persons and tend to act out violence toward others. Abusing anyone else is certainly a matter which will involve the police and therefore these abused children without intervention may end up in Juvenile correctional facilities.

You child's Friend!

Do You really Know Your Child's Friends

Some children are easily influenced, they are influenced by fashion, music, technology and friends. Most parents only hear the following words, "Hey mom, dad, me and billy are gonna hang out a little." The parent reply's "Ok, be careful." They may or may not know Billy, they may have heard of him but may not have seen him. They don't know where "Hang out" is, or what type of behavior occurs during hang out. I know this is a very difficult position for any parent, because you cannot truly protect your child from bad influences while they are away, but you need to actually know your children's friend and speak to your child about what his expected of him/her behavior while they are out with friends.

Technology...Good but Bad

A parent must be in-charge of what their child can see and do while within their domain. Television is a major household influence, it influence adults as well as children. Parents are the controllers of what is transmitted in their homes, so they control what the child sees on tv and they control what the child does over the internet while at home. In today's time, the television as well as the internet can be set to allow specific types of content. There is no excuse why a child is at home and privileged to adult content. If the parent is not, its time to get technological savvy.

Will the Father of Bill Please Report to His School

Parents need to be apart of the child's academic life. Early signs of a struggling child need immediate intervention. If this is left unattended, he will become academically challenged and may not tap into his/her artistic or skills set. When a child thinks they have no skill, no academic values, they begin to create a mental block on them being a high job earner or achieving the comfortable things in life. They already begin to feel like outcast and develop a sense of not caring and as such may end up doing things which will put them standing in court. It's good to be involved in your child academic life, you can help him overcome things such as school bullying and other important aspects.

No one to Console him

Teenage Boy Stressed and Alone
Teenage Boy Stressed and Alone

Parents: Stay Together if Possible

There as been several surveys that show that most Juveniles who has had run in with the law are mostly from single parent homes. It is more prevalent when the father is missing from the child's life. We live in a world where we meet greet, have babies and then separate, we put our life over the life of the child that did not ask us to be brought into this world, he did not ask for his mother nor father to abandon him/her, but it is a sad reality that faces millions of children. If you are married and are having difficulties within the union, its best to try every avenue before you reach the dead end road. There can be situations which become unbearable for either spouse, and for the sake of keeping ones sanity and also to avoid police intervention it is understandable when the union breaks.

How to tell if your child may be Delinquent

1.Conduct Disorder
Does not conform to basic good beavioral rules, shows no remorse or feelings towards members of society.
First to bring or cheer on a fight
Destroys his/her and other people propeties.
4.Consistent Lieing
Lieing simple means not speaking the truth, the child may lie repeatedly to obtain favors and avoid being persecuted
5.Having no Empathy towards other people
Defiant behavior, often frightens and intimidate others.
6.Disregard parental rules
Staying out late past stipulated time consistently. Does not particupate in any house chores depite being told several times.
The Chart displays the total Juvenile Incarcerated during the given period: Don't let your child become apart of this statistic
The Chart displays the total Juvenile Incarcerated during the given period: Don't let your child become apart of this statistic


There are certain things that no parent can control in bringing up a child. But when there is the power for the parent to act and make decisive decisions they should always exercise that power and ensure that they are on point in the upbringing of a decent child.

© 2014 Clive Williams


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      Frank Atanacio 3 years ago from Shelton

      wow research must have been extensive and researched thoroughly..a great important read