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Updated on June 4, 2015

Watch your kids like a hawk!

As a Law Enforcement officer for 15 years, I have seen what a predator can do to a child, and the family of that child. I have seen entire communities involved in searches, when a child comes missing, and unfortunately I have seen these abominable criminals spend the rest of their lives in a prison, holding a bible and preaching to the other inmates, while our taxes pay for their meals and medical care. Unfair enough for you?

Well, let me just tell you something you have never heard on the news, after good behavior some of these criminals are released to society again, and again they will victimize another kid. Predators are not only evil, but also sick individuals who blend among us, waiting for the opportunity to pray on children. They found ecstasy on gaining rapport with the victim, and fooling the family with their charisma. Inside they are nothing but consciously monsters, who will never stop victimizing children.

But this is not the worse part, predators today are organized, and they gathered via Internet, and organizations just to track, and be aware of what Law Enforcement are doing to catch them. They have people within the Government, to regulate laws against them too. And this is because predators are not what we think they are. Contrary to the portrait we all are familiar with: the uneducated, jobless, drank and disgusting looking criminal, predators today are blend in society and they might be working and living right next to you.

There is no specific gender, or race or age range to identify them, or social status either! Predators work underneath the surface, and deep inside they do not consider themselves criminals. Some of them won't even be discovered until it is too late. Their first victim will be the one, to unveiled their real identity.

Some predators will go undiscovered for years, concealed under the label of “family man”, they will seat right next to you in church, and they will project the image of a perfect citizen to the community. Some of them have a hidden place, where they can enjoy the privacy of a computer filled out with child material. Whatever snaps one day inside these individuals, it still a mystery. However, it takes a matter of minutes for them to come out of the closet, and finally show their real self.

During the many presentations I gave to my children at the Elementary School (at the City I used to work at) I repeatedly informed parents, teachers and kids, about how to recognize these criminals. The truth is that only their behavior is what will give them away, if you know what to look for. Here are some demeanor you want to be aware of:

-A predator looks just like you and me, most of the times they are even good looking, which helps them attract their victims, and be “liked” by everyone. Most of them have developed this technique to be charm and “kind” and usually, help somehow in their community.

-This is the kind of individual who will always be there for you, to watch your kids when you go out, or want to catch a movie with your spouse. They will come out with gifts for your kids, or will be ready to “pitch in” if you are going through hardship.

-Their main “concern” will be your kids and their “well being”. And if you come across these individuals, you would never think who they are after to. You might even feel lucky to have someone this great in your life! They become “necessary” to relieve you, from all those tasks you are too tired to do, when you come back home from work: They will take your kids for a give you “a brake”.

-Predators know that the child will tell the parents about what they really do, when they are alone with them, so this is when the mind controlling face starts. They start by telling your kids, that they will tell everyone about what they did. Predators continuously threaten their victims telling them that they will hurt their families, and that they would do the same things to their siblings, if they say something. They will even cry, letting them know that everything is their fault, for letting them do those things to them.

-As stunning as it sounds, children will fall for these threats, and they can go for years controlled by the evil's predator mind. They get used to be manipulated, and they will even feel guilty and dirty, until they give up, and they completely subdue to their control.


-Isolation from the rest of the family and friends, along with extended periods of time in front of the computer in their room (especially teenagers).

-Gifts coming all the time from unknown sources, or special trips alone with an adult (male or female).

-Telephone conversation, where your kids seems uneasy and quiet. New friends you don't know, especially if they won't tell you about them.

-Loss of appetite or weight gain. Loss of interest on activities he/she used to enjoy.

-Sadness, guiltiness, and even fear when some subjects arise in a conversation, such as love, sex, friendship or events surrounding trust.

-Avoiding a one to one conversation with their parents, especially avoiding to respond questions.

-If they are little, they will cry and be scared, when you leave them in the care of that person, molesting them. Follow your gut! If a child seems uneasy with someone you know, 99.99% of the times it is because, there is something else, than good intentions to take care of your child, coming from that person (even if you think you know this individual really good).

-Your child will start lying about what they did, and where they went, while they were with the predator. Most of the time they will change the subject abruptly, or leave the room.


-Developing good communication channels with your kids is crucial. If you are a strict parent it is OK, but let them know that whatever it is, they can come to you and tell you, without fearing to be grounded. Predators observe the relationship of their victims with the parents, and they just love troubled children. They start by letting their victims know, that “they are there” for them, and eventually, they will become the only person they trust. They will even turn them completely against the parents.

-Know where your kids are, and who they are with AT ALL TIMES! You should never be too busy to know their whereabouts. Create a code you only share with your kids. They should know that this code is secret and that it will be used, in case they are in some kind of danger. If they have a cellular phone, then they can't text you the code from wherever they are, and whoever they are with.

-Talk to them about a possible abduction, do it according to their age. Not to let them aware that there are predators out there, makes them defenseless and unaware. I learned for a fact, that when you let them know what a predator really is, the concept of “stranger danger” turns into real awareness. They expect a predator to be ugly and nasty, it is nothing like that. We also teach our children to be respectful with adults, but in case of an abduction, they need to learn to scream, kick, bite and do whatever it takes to avoid to be taken. Remember, once they are taken, they will have a lot less possibilities to be recovered. Tell them to trust NO ONE!

-Teach them that whoever tells them “not to tell anyone” is not to be trusted, and that adults that like to be alone with children only, are not normal. Encourage them to tell you everything, despite what the predator say. Explain to them that no one can hurt their families, and not to believe any threats. Make your kid “predator smart”. If they know what to expect, they will be aware on how to react against this danger.

Information and prevention, are the best weapon for parents and kids on these days. The term “overprotecting” has a new meaning today. There is not enough “protection” when is about our kids. Predators are not going to disappear, and they are getting more organized and aware, of what Law Enforcement is doing to fight them. Closing our eyes to this danger will not make it go away! Let's win this battle all together, starting by reporting any unusual activity, you might think has to do with children in danger. PLEASE do not overlook any suspicious situation! Your 911 call might save a precious child from death, or from a long tortured life to the hands of a predator. Remember.. It could be your child!


As extreme as it sounds, abductions reach almost 800,000 children a year between parental abductions, runaways, and endangered abductions by "strangers danger". The majority of children are recovered by Law Enforcement, however, there is always that percentage that never comes back home. For years, a tracking GPS device for kids, has been the center of discussion among Agencies who protect our children from predators. These GPS's can be attach with a clipboard to their belts, wore behind their watches, or implanted in their cellular phones. It has also been said, that eventually every kid in America will have one implanted in their wrists, which would allow, in a way, the whole world to be able to check where you kid is, through the Internet. Maybe not a good idea after all. The true is that, just the thought of your child being abducted, justifies every single parent's action to avoid it.

For more information on this subject go to:


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