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Keep Your Baby Healthy This Winter

Updated on November 17, 2014

Don't give up without a good fight!

It is a reality that cold and flu viruses circulate around you no matter where you go. Mostly the winter viruses are airborne which means even if the baby is 6 feet away from a sick person, he can catch the virus within no time.

Moreover, keeping them away from sick individuals is not the answer because sometimes, those individuals who don't even show the symptoms could become the carriers and if your child comes in contact with them he may catch the virus.

Still, you should remain strong and try to take all the necessary steps that could help you to ensure your keep your baby as safe as possible throughout the winter season.

Frequently wash baby's and your hands

Make it a rule to wash your hands before you get in contact with your baby. Whether you are changing her diaper or preparing food for her, frequent hand washing eliminates the chances of getting affected by germs to a great extent.

You should wash your baby's hands as well especially if they have started eating solids. If your baby goes to daycare, you should ask the caregiver to wash their hands before handling your child. Don;t feel embarrassed about asking them to do so as your child's health is at risk.

Get a flu shot

Once your baby gets older than 6 months, you can get flu shots and its best to get them every year to minimize the risk of getting affected by airborne viruses and other harmful bacteria.

Check with your family doctor as and when you can give your baby flu shots and whether there are any side effects associated with them or not.

Try out some home remedies!

There is no harm in trying out some home remedies as they do not have any side effects at all. Honey, lemon, black pepper and ginger are all used for curing cold and flu symptoms.

Try rubbing vicks on your baby's feet, it is said it helps to unblock blocked nose and relieves cold. There is no end to home remedies but always make sure you are not putting your child's health at risk.


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