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Backyard Kids Playground Shade Structures

Updated on March 2, 2011


Playgrounds are a great way for children and parents to utilize that extra space in the back yard. It gives children a safe place to play in the back yard with sunshine and fresh air. They release all the pent up energy they have on outside instead of inside saving your new china dishes. There are concerns about playground that parents should ask themselves the number one thing is the playground safe to play on.  

There are many things to consider when determining whether it is safe. Looking around for any obstacles that may cause injury and removing them. Checking the age of the equipment and making sure the appropriate ages of the children playing on them don’t exceed the manufactures recommended. There should be the correct kind of surfacing material. The one thing that is neglected is the fact that after spending hours on the playground is that the UV rays from the sun can damage the little ones skin and cause sunburn. So, including the correct kind of shade for your playground is very important factor in protecting your little ones.

While it is very important that children have some exposure to the sun. Overexposure can cause complication late in life. The only time that children should be exposing themselves to the sun is during off peak times when the sun’s rays are less intense. The sun’s rays are harshest in the late afternoon usually around 1pm and so before this time it is better to let them play. The development of skin cancer can be developed even at a young age, so to prevent this make sure the playground has the proper shading as a safety measure.

The shade structures are available in many different forms. Some include canopies or steel roofs. But, if you are able to use the natural resources in your back yard it is better to consider them first. Trees make excellent shade structures, it is a natural way to help block out some of the U.V rays that are given out by the sun. So if you live in a neighborhood or home with large present trees take advantage of them. Most trees in homes usually line the perimeter of the property and provide adequate shade for on looking parents, so unless you have larger trees in the center or nearer the home that the playground can use you still may need to have a canopy type shade provider.

If a shade structure is something you really don’t think you need then I would consider the effects on your children. Consider there safety and skin and next time little jimmy comes in he won’t be keeping you up all night because you let him get sunburned. To really help keep them safe then take advantage of the shade structures available on the market they are designed to protect your children while making playing more fun and safe.




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