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"Keep-donate-throw away" rule and how to apply it to kids’ room

Updated on February 26, 2017

Many homes have the same problem – there are too many things lying around. The lack of free space and constant clutter piling up can demotivate a person and cause stress. Families with children accumulate bundles of things over the years and the time comes when they simply have to decide what to keep and what to ditch. It can be difficult to decide what to hold on to and what to get rid of. Fortunately, help comes in a form of a simple rule – whether you choose to keep something or throw it away depends on the set of criteria. Here’s how you can apply the "keep-donate-throw away" rule to successful decluttering of your kids’ room.

The rule

People are often relentless to tackle the problem of clutter because they simply can’t decide what to do with it. There are three options: to keep, to donate, or to throw away. To avoid unnecessary piling up, you should only keep the things that you still make use of, or those that are important to you and remind you of special moments in your life. Everything else that doesn’t meet these conditions could potentially end up in some of the remaining two piles. Donate things that you don’t need or use anymore, but which are in good condition, meaning they are of decent looks and quality. Something that’s in bad condition, can’t be used anymore, and lacks sentimental value deserves to go to the “throw away” pile.


When it comes to decluttering your kids’ room, toys pose a great issue. It’s hard to decide what to let go of as every child would say that they loved all their toys equally. But parents know better. Keep only those that were truly their favorites, pick several that your child played with the most and which represent the entire collection. The rest you can give away to your friends and neighbors with little children or you can donate them to charity.


Your kids need proper storage in their room, like bookcases and shelves, where they can keep all the necessary things. If they lack free space in their room, cattywampus has just the thing you need. You can find teepees which are suitable for storing all sorts of stuff, from furniture to books and relics. These will provide you with extra storage space and it can also be a safe spot which parents don’t have the access to and where your children can keep everything that’s important to them.


Children grow fast and plenty of newly-bought clothes end up practically unworn. You can give these clothes to other people who have kids, or donate them to thrift stores that are in need of quality clothing. You can also organize a swap party with your friends who have kids and encourage them to bring clothes their children don’t wear anymore. That way, you can get rid of unwanted clothes and maybe get something your kid actually needs in return. Keep baby clothes of your children that remind you of how little they were. Hold on to the first clothes you bought them or some special presents that you or other family members gave them. The rest you can donate or throw away if it’s in bad condition.

The lack of will and indecisiveness can contribute to clutter. Apart from being unpleasant, a messy place can lower the enthusiasm for getting the work done and cause nervousness, especially if it’s in the children’s room. Stick to this simple rule when deciding which items to keep, donate, or throw away and you’ll provide your kids with a spacious, stress-free environment to live, play, and study in.


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