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Keeping Teens Busy During Vacations & Breaks

Updated on June 15, 2012

Vacations Mean Idle Hours for Teens

During normal school days, teens are constantly busy with assignments, social gatherings with friends, making new friends and other activities that seem to fill their lives. It is only when the school goes into a vacation, is that they immediately find themselves at a loose end, with not much activity to take up their time. This is the time when you must make an effort to get them involved in some hobby or activity that can take care of their energies and idle hours.

Hobbies and activities

Deciding on the right hobbies for teens requires creativity, patience and a mind that is resourceful. If as a parent you are already very much involved in their school activities, you would be very much aware of the things that have kept your teens busy and interested during the school days. This can help you to choose one of these to keep them interested and active. You can choose from sports, music, dance, theater, art and craft. Get the teen enrolled in some club or association that encourages such activities and see whether they can join some regular holiday class to further their skills, or even some club which will take care of their sporting interests. Interest the teen in a new game like tennis, fishing or even golf, if you find they are interested.

Social pursuits

Social clubs, church activities and youth groups are another such avenue to involve teens in. This way they would be more exposed to society and probably pick up some new and wholesome activities which will help them to become better persons. Summer camps are one such area, though costs may be an inhibiting factor. Involving them in social work with lesser privileged children or old age homes can teach them to give instead of always asking for things.

Around the house

One of the best ways of keeping teens involved is to involve them in some activities that concern the family. It could be like building a new kennel for the pet dog, or cleaning out the aquarium. Just see that these activities are not seen as a chore and are viewed as fun. Get them to invite their friends over and make the whole activity something filled with fun and laughter. Plan breaks for them and plenty of food and drink. One way of keeping teens busy is to involve them into planning a family gathering of all your near and dear ones which could include cookouts, campfires and loads of singing and dancing.

A Summer Job

One of the most beneficial of activities for teens is to help them to get a summer job for the duration of their vacation. This can really keep them busy and the money earned can just be a sort of bonus for them. If you cannot find a regular paying job see if you can get them involved in some volunteer work in a field of their interest. This can help them to broaden their horizons and give them an inkling of what jobs in future can hold for them.

Basically teens need to be kept busy and interested at all times. This would forestall the danger of their getting into other activities that can be detrimental to their social lives and their careers in the future.


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