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Keepsakes & Items to keep for babys memory box

Updated on June 4, 2014

There are lots of items that can be kept in a memory box for a baby that I'm sure you will enjoy looking through with your child in the future. Bringing babies into the world has got to be one of the most amazing experiences you can have in life. Watching them grow up is so fufilling, they change and learn so quickly during their early years, so keeping a memory box is a great way to have something to look back on in future years to remind you of it all. And I'm sure the child will enjoy looking through all the keepsakes too when they're older as they probably won't remember a lot of it!

Baby Keepsakes for Memory Box

  • Hand prints and footprints or casts are lovely keepsakes for the memory box and they're really easy to do. For my babies hand and foot prints I bought A4 mounting cards specifically designed for the job with a cute poem on them, and a blue and pink non-toxic ink pad made for babies prints. These are all easily available off Amazon or eBay. I found that the younger they are the easier it is to take hand and foot prints because they're less active! Casts can also be taken of baby's foot or hand, and kits of alginate or plaster of paris are readily available. This I've never tried for myself, but I have friends that have and they said that it wasn't difficult to do. The casts look amazing and make a fantastic keepsake and lovely reminder of how small our little one's once were.
  • A copy of the birth certificate could go into the memory box, which marks baby's official registration.
  • Sleep suits and baby grows or special outfits such as christening gown or first baby grow worn make lovely keepsakes for the memory box. In my children's memory box I kept the first baby grow and hat that they wore when they were born. I also kept the little suit my son wore when he was 3 months old to a christening, a personalised baby grow, a mickey mouse outfit that I took pictures of him in, and his first pair of proper shoes. There are going to be many clothes items or blankets, like the one that grandma knitted for example, that will be special to you for different reasons, such as baby's coming home outfit, or first Christmas, birthday and Halloween outfits, so keep what feels sentimental to you.
  • The umbilical cord as a keepsake may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I kept my babies once they'd dropped off a few days after birth. They've all dried up now and I've kept them in a little plastic sealed bags. To me it's special as that's what connected my little babies to me when I carried them inside of me, something I'll be forever thankful for.
  • Hospital tags of mother and baby are great to keep as a keepsake from the day that you were born. It's also very cute to see how small baby's wrists and ankles once were!
  • A baby record book is not only a lovely item for baby's memory box, but it's also wonderful to fill out! They range from recording baby's first year, to three years or five years, depending on your preference. Inside them you can fill out all of baby's many firsts, such as sitting up, standing, smile, teeth etc, and events such as first Halloween, Christmas and birthday. They usually have space for you to add photographs or hand and foot prints too, and places to keep keepsakes such as hospital tags, baby's lock of hair and scan pictures. Weight and height can be recorded also. Ive bought five year record books for my babies and I've absolutely loved filling them out.
  • Pregnancy diaries and pregnancy photographs are something that a lot of women do these days, to keep track of the pregnancy, all the good bits and all the bad bits! And the pregnancy pictures are a lovely way to remember your beautiful bump. Keeping them in the memory box will mean that your child will be able to look through them when they're older and see the things that they missed when they were in the womb!
  • A newspaper from the day they were born is a great keepsake for the memory box, whether it be a local or national newspaper. It will be a great read for the child once they're grown up, and they can see what was going on in the world on the day that they were born!
  • CD's of the album and single that was number 1 in the charts when they were born are a great item to keep so that they can listen to it when they're older and probably find it hilarious!
  • A coin from the year they are born is a great keepsake, and may even be worth something in the future!
  • Congratulations and celebratory cards received from family and friends are nice items to keep for the memory box, so baby can read what everyone wrote to welcome them into the world when they're older. Cards received for baby's first birthday and Christmas are also good to keep.
  • Lots of photographs are very much needed for the memory box to see how much baby grows and changes in such a short space of time! Moments are captured in photographs that make wonderful memories to look back on.
  • Scan pictures are lovely keepsakes, whether it be 3d or 4d pictures and DVDs. They remind us of the time when they were still in their mothers womb and there was all that wonder and anticipation of what baby would look like, what their personalities will be like, and when they would arrive, and for some parents, there was a big question mark of whether they were pink or blue!
  • Receipts and leaflets from days out in the first year make lovely keepsakes to remember everything you did with your baby!
  • The Health Visitors red book (once finished with) and pregnancy medical records could go into the memory box, containing all the 'serious' stuff!
  • Baby shower party keepsakes could go in the memory box, if you had one that is!
  • There are lots of 'firsts' that are worth keeping for a memory box, such as first lock of hair, first tooth, and first picture they painted. They're special because they are the firsts (of many!) and they show how far baby has come!

The memory boxes of my 2 babies

What kind of box to use

The kind of the box you need depends on a few many keepsakes do you want to keep, what kind of style do you like, and how much room do you have? You can get cardboard shoe boxes, wooden boxes, wicker boxes, plastic boxes, steel boxes, and they come in a range of sizes, from extra small to extra large! The style of box you want depends on your personal preference...pick something that you love. You could even make one yourself, if you're into arts and craft, and to add that extra personal touch! The size of box you choose depends on the room you have and how much you want to keep!

My son is 2 and Ive got a large wicker basket as his keepsake box and I'm running out of space! I may have to get a second box (and third, and fourth etc) in the near future as there are lots of things I still want to keep! But for the first 2 years of his life, the large box has done the job.

Boxes made and designed especially for baby's keepsakes are very popular these days and are readily available. It really just comes down to what kind of memory box you want and how many keepsakes you want to keep.

How long to keep things for?

You can keep items for baby's first year, first three years, first five years and so's up to you! Most of the time though keeping your child's important items and 'firsts', and things that are special to you, never ends! We'll probably be keeping swimming badges and certificates for school exams in the future too!

You may want to just keep the 'firsts' over baby's first three years, or you may want to collect items forever (like me!!), it's really just personal preference! However long you collect items for baby's memory box, and whichever items you keep, just make sure they are special to you.

Have fun looking through it all in the future with your baby!


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great ideas for keeping baby's childhood memories.