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Kenyan Teen, Liz, Survives Rape Horror

Updated on November 1, 2013
The Pit
The Pit
The Outrage
The Outrage

Not only was this gang rape a horror, but the teenage boys sentence is a shocker, even for Kenya. Not since the horrible gang rape of the Indian medical student last year that left her dead, has there been such an outcry.

Liz, a teen girl in Kenya, was already sad while she left a funeral of a relative on June 24th. She was only 16. As she walked down the road, six teenage boys, 17-18-yrs. spotted her and somehow lured into a more private area away from the street. It was there the gang rape happened brutally as any could, one after another took their turn. Once they were done, they tossed her into a 22 ft. deep pit latrine and partly buried her to hide the stench.She was partially unconscious.

Some passerby heard her faint cries for help and came to her rescue. She was alive and later was able to ID the teens. Sadly, she was so violently attacked and raped, she is confined to a wheelchair with a broken back and internal injuries.

That was it for almost another month. Her family had to lease their farm to pay for medical expenses. Slowly, the story was discovered by Kenyan press and it has outraged all Kenyans who demand real justice.

The teen boys were sentenced to mowing the lawn outside of the police station. That is it. Mowing the lawn was the sentenced for severely raping the girl who may walk in another month. To date, over 1.2 million people have signed a petition that calls for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the alleged rapists.

And why has this NOT been done?


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