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Kids Exercise Bikes For Children - Junior Stationary Fitness Bike Toys

Updated on February 15, 2012

Why Buy A child Sized Exercise Bike?

Recent statistics are showing a continuing increase in the rates of childhood obesity and the associated health problems which go alongside this. Increasingly sedentary lifestyles and lack of exercise is one of the major contributors to this as many children would rather pick up a Playstation controller than actually go outside and play.

The obesity rates of 6 to 11 year olds has increased from around 6% in the 1980s to pushing 20% and higher in 2011 and conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease which were previously associated with adults, and older adults at that, are now being seen at an alarming level in youngsters too.

Couple that with studies which show 40% of obese kids go on to become obese adults too and the "it's just puppy fat" argument loses a lot of steam. Teaching kids at a young age to both enjoy and see the value in healthy living and regular exercise is something many modern parents are starting to see as an important part of their child's education.

In recognition of this, some toy manufacturers have begun to introduce fitness toys for children into their product lines. These toys promote healthy exercise activities at a young age whilst helping to improve motor skills and teaching many of the other basics through fun games and activities.

You can find straight up exercise equipment for kids which are basically small size version of adult gym machines but designed for youngsters. They are brightly colored to appeal to younger children and often feature built in learning activities which are either provided through an onboard dash or via a television when connected up through the the input ports.

There is a full range of kids gym equipment you can buy online from fun colored dumbbells for kids to junior treadmills and indoor stationary bikes. One of the nice things about gym exercise bikes for kids is they are a safe and familiar form of gym equipment and they are very easy to integrate into TV-based games which aid with motivation.

Types Of Indoor Exercise Cycles For Children

There are basically two main style of stationary kids fitness cycle: the made for kids exercise bike which mimics the operation of an adult gym bicycle complete with adjustable resistance and feedback monitor, or the combined game system arcade bike which either plugs in to a TV or has an onboard monitor which encourages the child to pedal their way through varies types of video game scenario which have some form of learning element to them.

Indoor Ride On Bike With Learning Games Built In

Whilst these types of children's static cycle are not modeled on the gym bike style and do not generally feature such things as resistance adjustments etc. they are more likely to be the kind of indoor physical activity game young people will come back to time and again. Kids love video games but parents often want to see them go out and get some physical exercise instead. This type of stationary child's bike toy combines the two with interesting educational games mixed with the physical activity of peddling a bicycle (without the dangers of riding on the street).

The Fisher Price Smart Cycle

Fisher-Price Smart Cycle Extreme [Old Version]
Fisher-Price Smart Cycle Extreme [Old Version]

This stationary bike toy combines a fun learning activity for kids with a fun indoor fitness work out. Children are encouraged to pedal the bicycle to traverse through various landscapes and activities which teach numbers, letters, color and shape recognition whilst helping to improve balance and motor skills. Additional learning games cartridges are available for purchase to increase the range and enjoyment of the arcade cycle.


Indoor Gym Bike For Kids

Children shouldn't be allowed to use adult exercise equipment as there are many hidden dangers lurking on such machine for small fingers and fragile bodies. Junior size exercise bikes made specifically for little bodies are the ideal solution for introducing the benefits of physical activity to youngsters and letting them be just like mommy and daddy as they work out at home.

Encourage Child Fitness With A Mommy and Me Workout

The really nice thing about children's fitness equipment is that you, as the parent, can bring your offspring in to your own home work out routine. For busy parents that can be a godsend as now, instead of having to make time for working out and fit it in around the availability of child care, you can instead work out with your boy or girl. This will be a fun fitness activity for them which helps train motor skills and introduces the concept of keeping fit and healthy but also allows you to perform your work out as and when you choose.

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    • profile image

      Jeff Wise 

      7 years ago

      There is a major child obesity problem right now and parents need to get involved now. This means modeling for our kids healthy eating and kids exercise. There are way too many kids fitness games that can be done at home.


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