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Kids and our World

Updated on June 18, 2017

World we live in

Today, we live in a World that has a lot of issues and at times we as parents tend to try and forget what is going on because we are so busy trying to protect them from the World. We forget how they feel or what they want to do with their lives as far as getting older.

We can't keep our kids from the World because they won't be able to strive and be all they can be when it comes to their own lives when they get older. When it comes to my boys I make sure to let them know that the World is a horrible place but when they get older they will know what is going on and how to handle any situation that is brought their way.

The World we live in can be very cruel and when it comes to our kids we have to teach them not to be so cruel to others in any way.

Stop the Madness

When you are sitting around and you see someone being bullied it is a nice gesture to stop the madness because you don't know how that other child feels or what is going on at home. I feel that if my kids know this then they will be the best little gentlemen I know.

Kids can be cruel but that is because their friends are doing the same and they feel the pressure to do the same. The World that we live in comes in many shapes, sizes, and even colors but some people don't get the message.

My boys are African American/Puerto Rican and they will deal with so much growing up that it's not even funny. I have to make sure that I know how to tell my boys how to deal with these issues because if they don't then that person will break them and can push them over the edge.

I would be damn if I let anyone push my boys to their breaking point so in many cases I am going to encourage my boys to stop the madness before it begins. I would want them to help others and stop their friends from being bullied when they can.

The madness has to stop and the goodness has to begin or we will never succeed as a nation. we will forever have racist people hurting others for nothing and then these people or kids will hurt themselves because they can't deal with this World anymore.

Suffer with him..

When it comes to Jesus Christ you have to remember that when you suffer with him you will reign with him. I am always telling my boys this because we are Christians and believe in the faith of Jesus Christ. I want them to take Jesus everywhere they go and preach the word when they are called upon to do so.

When I am called upon to teach the word I am damn sure going to do it and no one will stop me from saying what I need to say. I don't care what is going on you have to make sure that you do what is right by your religion and take it seriously. I answer to God and that is all because no one else can save my soul.

This world needs Jesus and when they don't have Jesus then we will all fall. My kids will know about Jesus and they will know the experience that he can give them that no one else can. I love the fact that my boys pray and they treat others the way that they want to be treated because, in the end, they will see something great.

I always say that you will suffer but in the midst of all that suffering, you will see better. This is why you treat others the way you need to be treated before karma sets in and with my karma is Jesus.

Teaching Our Kids

Kids are taught to hate and I don't care about what anyone else has to say or their excuses. If your child calls someone the "N" word and they think that it is okay or funny then I look to the parents or someone within that family. They got that from somewhere and I see it starting at home.

Parents need to teach their kids the good in others and stop all this hate and even self-hate. I am tired of having to explain certain things to my boys because someone has stepped to them and said something that they were not supposed to. Yes, things can happen and be said that they child does not understand and they see other kids saying it so they think that it is okay but I have seen more kids hate because the parents walk around and hate. I will look to the parents first before anywhere else.

We have to teach our kids that there's good in all kinds of people and not just from America because there are bad people in America too but for some reason, everyone is scared of overseas. Teach your kids the good in others and that everyone is not all bad.

Please make sure that you teach yourself the good in others because if you don't then you can't teach your kids.

Final Thought

When it comes to kids and our World I can be a little strict and salty but I am looking out for my boys as well as my people of color. I want my boys to come home and I want other families to have their own kids home as well.

I am going to continue to be the black activist mother that I need to be in order to make sure that my boys have a great life and that they get to do what other kids can do no matter what the color of their skin is. we should not still be bound by the color of our skin but we are and the World is only getting worse.

Please teach your kids and make sure that you know what is going on in their schools, churches, and after-school activity centers.


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