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FREE Kindle Books for the Historian

Updated on August 29, 2011

Great genealogy books, too!

Have you ever wished you had time to just sit and read a good “history” or “genealogy how-to” book? You get all kinds of good genealogical information in just a plain old history book. And some of those genealogy how-to books take some reading over and over and pondering on the sinking into the “how-to” part... but I never have the time to just sit and read, except when I am stuck somewhere waiting on someone... you know, like in the doctor’s office, or before a meeting, or on a trip... well you get the point. Problem is, I never have a book with me when I need it!

Oh, I know you can carry tons of books around with you, but who wants to carry a heavy book any more when they can just load their new Kindle or Nook or whatever. Personally, I have a better and easier and lighter way! I use my cell phone. I used to download books from when I had my old Blackjack but most of those were fiction or boring out-of-print “old” text. I loved that phone and I had it for over five years, but technology, business, and plain old wear and tear caught up with me. So now I have a “smart phone.” Needless to say, it is smarter than I am and I am still in the learning stage a full month after the change.

The smart phone has a data plan with internet so I can send and receive emails and Facebook messages, check the weather channel, and keep up with my Avon business and team members. Plus it has all these games and other kinds of applications I still don’t know how to use, but when I was looking at for new books to buy with my latest batch of FREE gift certificates – I love FREE, don’t you? – I happened to research a bit about the Kindles.

I have wanted a Kindle since I saw the other sisters in church reading the Bible and the class manual on their Kindle or Nook or iPad or whatever it is called. So every now and then I check to see how much they cost now. Yes, I was hooked onto the “I want a Kindle” phase. And I still want a wide screen Kindle or iPad for church since it beats my husband carrying a heavy tote bag full of books for me. I can even put our church hymn book on it!

But when the website said “download Kindle app for Blackberry Torch,” I was a happy woman. The download took less than a few very short minutes. Then I was shopping for books to read. There were several Kindle books at a very good price, but there were a lot of books in my favorite price range of FREE and they loaded right to my cell phone. I can also call them up on my laptop or home computer.

Start out by clicking Kindle books when you get on the Amazon website, then check the left side for categories of everything from Advice to Arts to Children to History to Mystery to Politics to Reference to Religion to Romance to... well you get the point. The insert on the right side of the screen is the “Kindle Store.” If you have clicked on a category the front tab will say Top 100 Paid (and give the price) but the back tab says FREE.

#1 on the FREE list for today is The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin; #6 is The Life of Abraham Lincoln; #7 is Life on the Mississippi (You know who wrote that book, right?) and #10 is Western Civilization 101, the Animated Textbook, but guess what... just below #10 is a link to 90 more FREE history books you can download and read a few pages here and a few pages there.

But just so you know, there are almost a thousand Kindle ebooks on genealogy alone and at very good prices of only a fraction of the cost of a regular book. The best part: The phone app saves your place so the next time you have a few minutes, you can jump right to where you left off!

Tips and Advice: If you find one that you want to read that is FREE, download it ASAP. The FREE books change almost daily.

And “good reading” to you.


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