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Kindness Counts

Updated on March 4, 2016

A World of Kindness

"Imagine a world. Where people look out for each other. Where we all pay it forward. Where success is measured in selfless acts. Where kindness is the philosophy of life."

Being Kind Counts

A Random Act of Kindness is a measure of your capacity as a human being to consider the worth and needs of others. It is your ability to think outside of yourself and have empathy toward others' struggles or experience. A Random Act of Kindness, is, most importantly, a way to give the intrinsic strengths you have within you to strengthen others who are in need.


I Feel Good

A Random Act of Kindness feels good. Knowing that you have done something, intentional or not, to make someone else feel good can be a powerful antidote to your own perceived problems or woes. Allowing the best version of yourself to act towards others, can strengthen your desire to navigate your day in a positive way, spreading happiness and joy to others. I know that sounds corny, but positive energy is contagious.

Mr. Happy Man

It's Contagious!

Think of the times that someone smiled at you randomly. Did you find yourself smiling back? Or a time when you noticed someone laughing joyously. Did you wonder what they thought was so funny and wish you were in on the joke? Think about a time that someone engaged in a random act of kindness toward you. Did you feel the urge (and hopefully follow through on it) to do something nice for someone else so you could continue to pay it forward?

There is power in being kind. Even the simplest act of kindness can have an incredible impact, most of the time an impact you will never know. But that's not the point. Engaging in a Random Act of Kindness is simply the right thing to do because you are a kind, caring, giving individual who is concerned about the well being of others.

What is a RAK?

What is considered a Random Act of Kindness? defines a Random Act of Kindness as "a spontaneous gesture of goodwill towards someone or something - our fellow humans, the animal kingdom, and the kingdom of nature." I consider it a way to say "I care about you and want to help in anyway I can."

Exactly what is a Random Act of Kindness? Althought the word "random" leads one to believe that there is no intention behind your act, I have always been okay with being kind intentionally. What you practice happens more. Intentional kindness can soon transition into random kindness as your kindness toward others simply becomes the way that you engage with others.

Showing That I Care

The list below gives a few ideas for the different ways that people of all ages can spead the contagion of happiness and caring.

Age 3-5

  • Share your toys with a sibling
  • Help mommy fold the laundry
  • Give grandma a hug
  • Say "thank you" when daddy helps you into the car
  • Tell your brother you love him
  • Snuggle with grandpa when he comes to visit

Age 6-8

  • Do your chores without mom telling you to
  • Say "good morning" to your teacher when you arrive at school
  • Help a friend clean up a mess
  • Hold the door open for someone else
  • Draw a picture for someone who is sad or upset
  • Leave mom or dad a note saying you love them

Age 9-11

  • Sit with someone who is alone in the cafeteria
  • Ask someone new to play
  • Talk to someone who looks sad
  • Clean up messes you see in the school hallway
  • Offer to help your teacher in the classroom
  • Ask someone without a partner to work with you on a project

Age 12-14

  • Stand up for someone who is being teased
  • Shovel snow or do any other chore for someone without being asked
  • Give praise to someone you see working hard
  • Ask someone who looks lonely to hang out with you
  • Send random thank yous to your friends by text
  • Tell your teachers you appreciate them

Age 15 and above

  • Carry packages for someone who is struggling
  • Call someone you have lost track of and ask how they are doing
  • Walk your neighbor's dog
  • Take care of someone who is ill
  • Tell someone why they are special to you
  • Say "thank you" to the store clerk

Give Kindness a Try!

Try it! Notice how good you will feel about yourself and about your contribution to someone else's day. Check out the links below for even more ideas for how to engage in a Random Act of Kindness.



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    • Calm4KidsNJ profile imageAUTHOR

      Karen LeVasseur 

      3 years ago from Bradley Beach, NJ

      I talk to kids all of the time about this. They all agree that being kind makes them feel better and definitely makes the receiver of their kind actions feel good. Sometimes kindness needs to become a habit. The more we practice kindness, the easier it becomes.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      3 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      You are right! Kindness is contagious! When we are kind, it ripples outward and those who have received these acts of kindness are more kind to others. Just think, if we all did this, we would change the world!


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