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Kirkland Diaper Review

Updated on February 24, 2013

Try these out!

Let me start out by saying that I have always used the bigger brand names when it comes to diapers. With my first child, I used Pampers almost exclusively. Then with my second I used both Pampers and Huggies, which ever one was on sale or that I had a coupon for. They are great diapers, and I would still continue to use them, but only if I can get them for the same price or less then Kirkland diapers.

Just recently, my family got a Costco membership. So when it was time to buy diapers, I knew Costco sold Huggies Diapers so I had every intention of buying those, until I saw the less expensive Kirkland brand. Now, I have always been skeptical of bargain brand diapers, but Kirkland is a brand that has many reliable products, so I talked myself into getting their diapers. Boy, I am glad I did!

These diapers are just wonderful. They feel just like Huggies or Pampers, very soft and flexible, and my baby has no problem being active in them. The adhesive tabs do their job holding the diaper in place, and the inner lining and elastics are made to prevent leaking. I have been using them for two weeks now, and have had no problem with leaks at all. They do just as good a job as the bigger brand name diapers, but you save money. I wish I had tried these diapers years ago. I could have saved so much money. Even if you don't have a Costco membership, I would ask someone who does to pick these up for you, they are that good.


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