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Latest Gear For New Mommies; Safe And Efficient Items That Make Life Easier For New Moms

Updated on September 9, 2015

Your new bundle of joy has arrived! Your life will inevitably be turned upside down and inside out. You wouldn't have it any other way. There are items, however, that can help you out and make life a little easier.

What goes in must come out, and you definitely do not want your nursery smelling like it! The Ubbi Diaper Pail will eliminate that from ever happening. The slender steel frame and tight sealing lid keeps the stink where it belong, not in your nursery. Not only does it contain the smell like a champ, but it also uses regular kitchen trash bags! No having to buy 'special' trash bags that cost a fortune!

A stroller and car seat are a definite must. Unless you plan on never going anywhere. It is best to get them both together in what is known as a travel system. It is important and efficient to get a car seat that can pop into place on a stroller. When you are driving around on errands and the little one dozes off, you can still get things done. You simply take out your car seat and put it on the stroller in its proper place and head out! I don't have to remind you how cranky a baby can be when you wake them up from slumber pre-emptively. The travel system will eliminate from having to wake them up to place them into a stroller or lug around a bulky, heavy car seat.

Try the Britax 2014 B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System. The stroller is suitable from birth to 55 pounds. You can quickly fold the stroller with one hand, which is an alluring trait for new moms. There is a 30lb weight capacity throughout the first year. A great feature is the side impact protection distributes crash forces and shields from vehicle intrusions. This was by far the best aspect about the whole system for me, but everyone has their key feature they are looking for. This travel system is definitely a great addition for your baby.

Oh joy, it's teething time! -(cue sarcasm)- Nothing quite seems to make your baby happy. Maybe that's because he has little teeth breaking through his gums. That can be an annoying, painful feeling until it breaks through the surface. Teething toys help to alleviate some of that so he won't be as miserable through the process.

A teething toy needs to be safe as well. Think about it. Your baby is chewing on this! It is hard to tell what chemicals they can be getting in their mouthes. So be fully aware of what the toy is made of. Vulli Sophie Giraffe in natural rubber is a great teething toy. It is a natural product that has been painted with food paint. It is BPA free as well. The shape of the giraffe also gives your baby multiple ways to chew, as it will be able to hit every spot in the mouth. It is a bit pricier at $27, but when it comes to the health of your baby no price is too much.

You are a busy parent and you cannot always hold your baby. You probably wouldn't want to if you could. Babies can become dependent upon human contact to the point the screaming and crying will ensue over everything. Baby swings will help you in this endeavor. When you need to take care of house chores or even use the restroom, baby swings and baby bouncers can be a godsend!

Graco soothing system glider, Abbington by Graco is the best of both worlds. You get a bouncer and swing/glider in one, AND it is portable! When you have family gatherings or just want to go hang out at a friend's house, this can be a very handy device. The convenient carry handle on top makes it easy to transition the device from a swing to a bouncer. Plus you can keep baby near you at all times too. Oh, and don't forget one of the best features. It has two different vibration settings to help keep your baby calm and relaxed.

When you are out and about with baby, you are definitely going to need supplies. Not having an efficient and roomy diaper bag can really irritate any new mom. You want to have a place for everything, be organized and make sure it isn't blinding you with extreme ugliness! Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag, Chevron is a great bag for all your needs.

There are ten pockets in this diaper bag. On the sides are two elasticized mesh pockets that are perfect for bottles. You can use the grab handles or the adjustable shoulder strap with the no-slip pad. There are also four interior slip pockets and seven exterior pockets. Just call this bag pocket central!

Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed, sooner or later you are going to have to use a bottle. You might not always be around to breastfeed your baby, so getting the best bottle is priority. A good bottle is one that doesn't allow the baby to get a lot of air in their tummies. Air in the tummy means painful gas later if not burped out. Also you don't want any harmful chemicals being transferred to your baby (ex. BPA). Plus if you are breastfeeding, you are going to want a nipple that most resembles your own. If you don't have that then your baby might not even latch on to the bottle.

Try Philips AVENT Natural Polypropylene bottles. They are BPA free and have a wide breast resembling nipple that does not collapse when latched onto. There is also an advanced anti-colic system to eliminate the swallowing of air. So no painful gas episodes that will leave her crying for hours!

If you are breastfeeding and you need to make bottles for your baby while you are gone, then you need a great breast pump. The Medela pump in style advanced breast pump is the ultimate breast pump and it comes with a on-the-go tote. It can be plugged in or ran on AA batteries. There are bottle holders, so no more spills! The bag is pretty roomy as well. You can fit some other things in there if you are going somewhere and don't want to carry a lot.

You are definitely going to need a crib. Your baby needs to have her own space for bedtime. It is true that babies wake ever so often in the beginning but in a few months she'll have a regular schedule. For that, she is going to need her own space. Stork Craft Tuscany 4-in-one convertible crib is something you can use through various stages. I like that! It feels like you get more bang for your buck, plus it is a great crib.

It converts from a crib, to a toddler bed, to a daybed, and to a full size bed. It is also made of solid wood. In that crib I suggest you use Safety First Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress. Its high density thermo-bonded core provides firm support through the night. Don't forget to put your American Baby Company White Waterproof Fitted Crib and Toddler Protective Pad on. That will help protect your mattress against the inevitable bottle spills, spit ups, and the occasional leaky diaper.

When it comes to the safety and health of your new addition, it pays to be well informed of the best products. When you make a purchase you want to know it is right for you and your baby. You'll have enough to worry about and baby gear doesn't need to be one of them.


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