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Your Adoption Network: connecting families & expectant mothers using modern, beautifully crafted online profiles

Updated on August 3, 2015
Learn more about Your Adoption Network
Learn more about Your Adoption Network | Source

What We Do

Your Adoption Network is a unique adoption affiliated company that brings together expectant mothers and waiting families to one secure, online location. Your searching is over. Our interactive design gives both communities the opportunity to meet, communicate and foster the beginnings of a life long bond. You are in control of your adoption experience. Your Adoption Network is THE adoption social network that provides online interaction between expectant mothers and families pursuing open adoption. Our mission is to give you a one-stop virtual environment for all of your adoption needs. Not only do we provide interaction between the two communities, we offer services ranging from expectant mother and waiting family support groups to offering additional advertising exposure so you can meet the perfect addition to your family.

Sign up for free and meet expectant mothers and adoptive parents today at

Who We Help

Expectant Mothers Pursuing Adoption

If you are an expectant mother thinking about adoption, Your Adoption Network gives you the opportunity to talk with pregnant mothers for support as well as the ability to meet families looking to adopt. Your membership is completely free and you can be as discreet or as open as you choose.

Waiting Families Hoping to Adopt

If you are a family hoping to adopt, Your Adoption Network accepts every type of family as long as you have an approved and up to date home study. We provide a safe and interactive space for you to communicate with other waiting families for support and expectant mothers pursuing adoption. We offer a free two-week trial period and several AFFORDABLE monthly packages to fit your financial needs.

Adoption Professionals

Are you an adoption professional representing a waiting family? Your Adoption Network is an adoption social network that connects women and families considering adoption. If you represent a family hoping to adopt you can partner with our company and meet expectant mothers instantly.

Consider Adoption.
Consider Adoption. | Source

Adoption Fears

What are your fears when it comes to choosing adoption for your baby?

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Our Mission

Your Adoption Network is a family owned and operated company. We created this adoption social network to inspire crosstalk throughout the adoption community, encouraging communication and support for those considering adoption. Our mission is to bring together expectant mothers and waiting families seeking adoption. My family and I want to bring these two communities together to offer support and have the ability to communicate, hoping to bring babies home to a safe and loving family without the hefty burden on your wallet. We started this company because we have faced miscarriages, loss, infertility and frustrations throughout the adoption process. The adoption process should not have to be so difficult or expensive. We believe that there should be an easier and stress free way to pursue adoption, which is why we created Your Adoption Network, a one-stop location for your adoption needs. Our company strives to bring these two communities together so you can choose your own adoption plan, set your own pace, and have full control over your adoption.


About The Owners

Jill Wyckoff, President & Founder

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s degree in National Security Studies. I am a former Military Intelligence officer and a veteran of the Iraq War. Aside from my military career, adoption has always been apart of my family plan. I have 6 years of experience researching and studying adoption. I have witnessed the adoption process firsthand, and became extremely familiar with modern and traditional marketing techniques. My passion for adoption and personal insights with the process is what led me to create our company, Your Adoption Network. I lead the YAN team in our nationwide marketing strategy and provide quality customer service for our clients.

Emily Bolander, Co-Owner

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. I have 5 years of experience creating budgets and building professional alliances with corporations in my field. I share in my sister’s dream to advocate for women and families considering adoption. I work in the Marketing Department for Your Adoption Network.

Tammy Cousino, Co-Owner

I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree with a concentration in Marketing, Economics and Healthcare and a Master’s Certificate in Healthcare Administration and Management. I have 5 years of professional marketing experience; networking and building partnerships with professionals in my field. I work in the Marketing Department for Your Adoption Network.

Adoptive Family Membership

Whether you are trying to find an expectant mother on your own or have been waiting for an adoption agency to match your family, we can help you drastically increase your online presence and exposure within the community as well as bring an infinite amount of people to your cyber profile.

We offer three AFFORDABLE membership packages to fit every budget. We don’t believe in over-charging families who want to expand their family through adoption. Adoption should not have to be so expensive. Other companies will likely charge you double our prices, if not hundreds or thousands more.

Our top priority is marketing and your adoption success. We advertise on a daily basis, using traditional and modern marketing techniques to bring people to our website.

Your Adoption Network gives you the ability to create a profound and expressive profile with multiple pictures to highlight your family and adoption journey. Our profiles are designed to help you explain who you are, what you do with your time, and what you are looking for in an eloquent manner. Each membership package allows you to build a beautiful profile, upload pictures and communicate with expectant mothers, a few of the differences are the amount of pictures, space, and additional pages you are given to express yourself. Our web design is beautifully crafted to promote your family and bring expectant mothers to your cyber profile.

Conclusive Remarks

If you have ever considered adoption for your family, please visit us at to learn more or become a member. If you have questions about adoption or our company feel free to reach us at


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