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Laundering Babies’ Clothes with Detergents for Babies

Updated on July 3, 2011
love your baby? then choose the detergent for your baby wisely
love your baby? then choose the detergent for your baby wisely

For most people, it is fun to have a baby. Simply staring at its cute face, a baby can often give its parents as well as other people a pleasant feeling. However, there are also difficulties besides cuteness when people have a baby. When it comes to laundering the baby’s clothes, for example, people often get confused whether they should always use detergents for babies or not. There are not few parents out there that are afraid their baby has sensitive skin that may get irritated by the detergents for adults. However, though, this does not necessarily mean that every single parent in existence should use the baby’s detergents to launder their baby’s clothes.

As a matter of fact, parents should always be aware of any possible indications that they are supposed to turn away to a common liquid detergent they regularly use to launder the clothes their baby will put on. If they are using the detergents for babies but are unable to remove all the odors and stains on their baby’s clothes, there is no point in continuing to use such detergents. However, of course, this is only possible if their beloved baby does not suffer from some sorts of topic/eczema dermatitis, allergies or other health disorders resulting in the sensitive skin. In this case, it is usually fine to wash the baby’s clothes along with the clothes usually worn by the rest of the family.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that the parents use liquid instead of powder detergents. Although none of them are detergents for babies, it is often easier for the liquid rather than the powder detergents to rinse out. Therefore, the liquid ones are usually better for sensitive skin compared to the powder ones.

Yet, there are things to consider before the parents finally make up their mind to use the regular detergents. One thing they have to do prior to using the regular detergents is to test some of them on one piece of the clothes that belong to their baby. It is also better to use detergents that come without any fragrances or colors. That way, the parents will be better able to see if there is any reaction happening to the skin of their beloved baby. If there is, they will need some more time to keep on using the detergents that are specifically designed for babies to prevent any possible skin reactions from happening again.

However, if it is fine to use the regular detergents instead of the baby’s detergents, it is highly recommended that the parents separate the diapers when they do the laundry. This is because there are some detergents out there that prove to be harsh enough for the diapers and can rash them.

With the mild detergents for babies, on the other hand, diaper rash can usually be prevented. Besides the detergents, the parents may also need to stay away from fabric softeners and anti-static products. The reason is because these products often have certain fragrances that may irritate quite a few types of baby skin. Lastly, it is advised that the parents use hot water and make sure they double rinse all their baby’s clothes.


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