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Laziness In Kids - Tested Ways of Overcoming This Problem

Updated on September 28, 2015

Every good parent knows that the upbringing of a child plays a major role in shaping up the adult life of a person. It determines our attitude at adulthood. It is the attitude that determines how high you will go in life. We all want the very best for our own children. We all care about their future and that is why we choose the best schools, the best teachers etc for them. Getting the best out of your kid is one of your parental responsibilities. It is however not a simple task. It requires much commitment and consistency. Some kids are always lazy and unmotivated. They fail to get the very best of their abilities. It would be very unfortunate if they carry on this bad quality to the adulthood life. The good news is that, there are ways through which you can eliminate this bad quality at the early stages of life before it gets too late.

Getting the very best from your kid

Kids at school
Kids at school | Source

Let your kids do their homework

A child doing her homework
A child doing her homework | Source

1. Train them to do their own tasks

The main parenting problem is doing everything for your child. You are planting the wrong seed in your child. Let them know that inorder to get the results which you want, you have to put some efforts. Nothing comes so easily. By letting them do their own work, you will be enhancing their creativity and problem solving skills.It is overcoming the obstacles that are on the way that determines one’s ability to solve major problems in future. You only have to give the right guidance and see your kid do their homework or certain household chores. This way you will be developing a Chief executive officer, an analyst, an innovator etc. You are harming your children by letting them just sit down and watch Television programs the whole day. You are creating an irresponsible and over reliant adult.

2. Talk with your kid

A good parent is always close to his or her kid. A good parent listens to his or her kids. A good parent understands the attitude of their kids. It is only through active talking and listening that you can positively influence your child’s attitude. Talk about big jobs, making money, a big house, successful people in the society. Let them know that you hard to work in order to get that good thing that you have. Let them have a big dream about themselves. Make sure that they understand that there is that cost that they have to pay in order to live their dream. Listening to your kid ensures that you do not create rebellion.Their opinion should also count.

Good parents are role models


3. Be a good role model

Kids are copy cats. They learn much from you. They like doing what they see their parents do. Are you that kind of parent who only sit down and give orders to your house girl even on every small thing? Do you spend much of your free time with them watching television? If you do, then you are doing more harm than good to your kid. Live an active life. Go with them out-door during their free time. Let them play. Let them get tired. Let them chase golf balls. This way their body organs will be more engaged and will be in active state. Let them know that you work to get the good results.

Set goals for your kids


3. Set goals for your child

Goals do set the pace and direction. Goals ensure that the energy is focused on one critical point. Working with goals provides a simple way of gauging success. Work with a program. Outline the tasks which should be done before sleeping. Set the sleeping time for your kid. Assess the quality of the work they have done. Identify and appreciate any kind of achievement no matter how small it may be. Let them know that there is still room for improvement in a motivating manner.

4. Understand the interest and abilities of your kid

Just like adults, kids have varying interest and abilities. It is your responsibility as a parent to understand the interests and abilities of your kind. How would you feel if you keep on being tested on something you are not good at and the final judgment about your abilities is based on this? You will surely get unmotivated. You will always fear trying new things. You will feel hopeless. If the abilities are defined as the ease of climbing a tree, a cat will always be a genius and a fish will remain a big fool which is not true and also very unfair. Understanding the abilities and the interest of your child will help you get the right balance of activities. Make interest and abilities be a part of the learning experience.

5. Treat all your kids equally

As I Had already stated, kids are also human beings with feelings. They feel the pain of rejection. They also do become frustrated and disinterested. A wise parent treats all his or her kids equally regardless of the abilities. If you discriminate against any of your kid, he or she may choose to live a sedentary life, not interested in trying this or that because of the inner understanding that you will never appreciate the work. Be a wise parent

6. Try to establish whether there is a biological problem behind your kids laziness

If all of the above measures seem not to work, there may be a biological problem behind this especially to do with hormonal regulation. You should consult a qualified pediatrician and explain the problem with your kid.


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    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 

      3 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      I agree with gwilliams, often we do to much for our children instead of teaching them to do it themselves and then we wonder why later on, they can't solve problems, think for themselves and keep a job or a serious relationship.

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i agree with you totally

    • B Brian Hill profile image

      B Brian Hill 

      3 years ago

      Great information. Unfortunately, with all the emphasis on testing, sometimes the REAL important stuff can be overlooked.

    • 10000001 profile image

      madugundu krishna 

      3 years ago from Yemmiganur

      very interesting article - taking care of the kids for make intelligent.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      3 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      James, so nice to meet you yet again. This article is excellent. Laziness is a horrible thing. It destroys children emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and even psychically. Children are naturally curious creatures. They want to explore and know.

      I feel that nowadays, children are lazy because of overindulgent and overprotective parents who want to make their children's lives as easy as possible. They are the ones who do their children's homework and solve their problems for them although such children are capable of solving their problems and doing their homework. By mollycoddling and infantilizing their children, such children lost the instinct to explore and do for themselves. Furthermore, overindulgent and overprotective parents create unmotivated children who feel that they CAN'T do.

      Another reason why children are unmotivated is the critical parent. This parent wants his/her child/children to be as perfect as possible. However, children are not perfect. Mistakes are part of children's growth but this parent refuses to see this. So every mistake the child makes, the parents harps on it. As a result, the child loses his/her initiative and figure why bother if h/she is going to be criticized.

      Then there is a subset to the overindulgent parent. This parent spoils his/her child. H/she believes that the child should never experience any setback or frustration. However, setbacks and frustrations are a part of life and living. This is also the parent who does everything for his/her child. As a result, this child is unmotivated and loses his/her sense of mastery over his/her environment and self. Excellent article indeed!


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