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Learning to Be Sharing and Caring Parents in a Busy Society

Updated on April 29, 2011

The Importance of Raising Your Children to Have Positive Self Esteem


In this day and age, people are plagued with self doubt, lack of self worth, and feeling insignificant. Parents struggle every day to put food on the table and pay the bills; there is often no time left to help their children grow into happy, healthy adults.

Children are cruel and often say hurtful things that can scar a young child's psyche for years to come. When there is no positive reinforcement from home, the child often tends to allow the negative comments to take a hold and a belief system is born.

Every day on the television we see the horrors of daily life in which we are subjected to. More often than not, the evils that surround us go unmentioned in our own world due to the emotions that encompass them. Although we do not mean to, the effects of our hidden secrets, control our sub conscious mind causing a negative impact on the necessary outlook that we enforce. If we are unable to provide a positive attitude in which to offer our own children, they will more than likely grow up with the same lack of self confidence or esteem.

Controlling Our Own Reactions

Although we can not always control our external environment and circumstances which surround us, we can have control over how we react to what is within our own walls. Our children are the number one most important asset that we are given. It is not only our duty and responsibility to ensure they are raised with a healthy ego, it should be our prime concern to ensure they know the power contained within maintaining a positive outlook on life.

If you allow your children to grow and mature as they have been ordained to do so, encouraging them to follow their own desires, creative activities, and innovative ideas,they will learn to believe in themselves regardless of what others may do or say. We can help our children learn to become leaders. We can help our children know what it feels like to stand proud over their achievements and remain strong and assured as they venture forth into another adventure.

We all have the power within us to decide for ourselves what type of people we want to be. We have the power to show our children that regardless of how dismal our surroundings, we can make a conscious effort to gain and hold onto the positive in everything, no matter how hard.

There is no measure for a child's smile, a spontaneous loving hug, or the proud look of accomplishment on your child's face when they are awarded for a job well done. All these can be yours to share if you can find the time to spend with your children teaching them the value of love, trust, honesty, and total acceptance for who they are. If you help to foster a resilient attitude within them, together you will be able to rise above and mature into healthy, happy people who will be able to handle anything that comes your way.

Encourage Creativity


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