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Lego Learning for Kids of All Ages!

Updated on February 18, 2012

Lego Fun for Everyone!

Do you remember your first Lego set as a child? Or maybe you had a friend who had one. Lego has been enjoyed for decades by young and old. It was invented in Denmark in 1949, by a man named Ole Kirk Christiansen, and gradually made its way into the creative hands of millions of people around the world. It is a toy that crosses age boundaries and provides opportunities for grandparents, parents, and children to play and learn together. The activities that are possible with Lego expand the imagination and present a spectrum of math concepts to explore. Some of the projects that have been created are extraordinary and these masterpieces are an example of the great genius that can be achieved with Lego building.Take a walk down memory lane and find out for yourself why it is never too late to play with Lego.

Awesome Lego Creations!

Big Kid Lego Masterpieces

Be ready to get inspired, by admiring some of the spectacular Lego masterpieces that have been created over the years. The amazing artists for these pieces certainly demonstrate the sophisticated heights that Lego creations can achieve. It raises the bar for all those Lego builders who like a challenge and inspires the creative side in all of us. At the very least, these spectacular Lego creations are something to be admired and celebrated.

More Masterpieces to Admire

Close-up of Captain Jack.
Close-up of Captain Jack.

Mount Rushmore

Spectacular Mount Rushmore made entirely of Lego.
Spectacular Mount Rushmore made entirely of Lego.
Wally Robot Lego Creation
Wally Robot Lego Creation

Take the Construction Challenge

The Lego enthusiasts that build masterpieces like the ones presented, help to inspire a creative side in all of us. Maybe this is your time to pull out some Lego blocks and create your own masterpiece. Whether it is a learning adventure with your child, or a solo project, Lego provides an outlet that satisfies the most hungry minds. Many learning opportunities are facilitated when Lego is used to create and build. For those individuals who have children, it is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality learning time together. The Lego company offers theme kits, that provide all the pieces needed for constructing projects, and of course, there is always the opportunity to create your own unique masterpiece. A robot can be a fun choice for building a Lego original. They can look and act anyway you want! Lego inspires the kid in all of us and is a fun way to motivate learning in our children. It facilitates positive communication and provides a hobby that people of all ages can connect with.

Team Building with Lego

Did you know that companies actually use Lego to introduce their employees in team building activities. Team building aims to strengthen interactions among individuals, by engaging them in problem solving, communication, and cooperative leadership opportunities. These same activities can also be used to improve interactions among familiy members. The following are some Lego activities that help to build communition and positive interactions:

  • Build a house together using only lego blocks. Ensure everyone has a specific role that they contribute to.This team building activity encourages communication and helps to build positive relationships through cooperation.
  • Try a challenge where members give instructions to other members on how to build something, without revealing what it will be. This activity forces the development of communication skills and heightened awareness of others needs.
  • Lego Board Games are an excellent way to build positive communication among individuals.There are many games available on various themes, that keep the creative thrill of the lego challenges alive, while fostering fun interactions.

Lego Math Number Sentences
Lego Math Number Sentences

Kids Learn Math with Lego

Legos are a great hands-on math manipulative that help to develop spatial reasoning skills, addition and subtraction skills, sorting and classifying among other learning opportunities. Use the following suggestions for activities to teach important concepts to children using Lego.

  • Practice adding and taking away blocks to work on addition and subtraction skills. Or use them to create a number sentence.
  • Sort the Lego blocks according to various attributes i.e. color, size, shape, or other characteristics depending on the blocks that are available.
  • Have children create patterns using the blocks. Get them to repeat it several times and then read the pattern out loud.
  • Explore number concepts by asking children to create objects using a specified number of blocks. What can you make with 100 blocks? Or ten blocks?
  • Take a handful of Lego blocks and estimate how many you think there are. Count them to confirm.
  • Create word problems by using the Lego blocks as a visual aid. For instance, John had ten books and read two. How many books does he still need to read?
  • Stack blocks in sets of two, and line them up, to practice skip counting. Stack them in sets of five, tens, etc.
  • Place two piles of Lego blocks side by side. Compare and estimate which one has more/less. Count to confirm. Determine the difference between the two piles.
  • Introduce fractions by stacking blocks the same colour. Separate in two to demonstrate one half, or into quarters to demonstrate one fourth.
  • Stack ten Lego blocks together and use it as a measurement tool. Use the tool to measure the length of an object and then count by tens, to determine how many blocks long it is.

Lego Theme Birthday Parties

A Lego themed birthday party is a crowd pleaser. It is appropriate for young and old, girls or boys. The following are general party tips to make it a fun and successful endevour.

  • Make a Lego cake. So easy! Bake a square or rectangular cake and four to six muffins. Place the muffins on top and ice it. Best tasting Lego creation you'll ever make.
  • Make a small bag of lego for each guest. Make up some games that have guests use their Lego pieces and win prizes i.e. Who can show they have the most red pieces? Who can make the best animal with their Lego?
  • Use Lego as paint stamp pads to create pictures.
  • Put one block in the middle of the circle. Go around the circle and have each person add a Lego on the top to create a tower. Continue moving around the circle and keep adding blocks to the tower. How high can it go? How long before it topples over? The more the merrier for this one!
  • Have a big jar filled with Lego pieces. Guests must estimate the number of pieces in the jar and the closest guess wins a prize.
  • Put some Lego blocks into a small box and shake up the party with personal maracas for everyone.
  • Play hide and seek for lego. Offer prizes for the most pieces found in the hunt.
  • Start with three connected blocks. Pass it to the next person who also adds three blocks in any way they choose. Continue to pass the object on until everyone has added their blocks. When done decide what the invented model could be and give it a name. Tell funny stories about it.

Take the Lego Trivia Questionnaire

Lego Trivia Facts

  • Four billion mini-figures have been made since 1978.
  • 400 billion bricks have been produced since 1958
  • All LEGO elements are fully compatible, regardless of where or when they were made.
  • Star Wars is particularly hot and often a set is bought just for the mini-figures it contains.
  • The world's largest LEGO castle used 400,000 bricks
  • End to end, the number of LEGO bricks sold in a year would go around the word 5 times

Tallest Lego Tower
Tallest Lego Tower

Tallest Lego Tower World Record

The tallest lego tower was constructed in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Nearly 6,000 participants, mostly children, helped put together 500,000 Lego pieces which were later stacked using a crane. The Lego tower reached 102 feet and 3 inches setting the new world record in 2011. The record for the tallest Lego tower normally expires quickly, however, with a taller tower being constructed almost every year. Most any motivated individuals can attempt this project. Building the tallest Lego tower takes team effort but can be a positive activitiy for schools or communities to undertake. It brings people together for a common purpose, not only to construct a spectacular Lego tower, but to build communication among participants and foster a positive community spirit.


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    • Sturgeonl profile image

      Sturgeonl 6 years ago

      Thanks dmop for sharing your love of Lego and for commenting!

    • dmop profile image

      dmop 6 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

      I loved Legos as a kid. I had thousands of them. If I wasn't in the woods you could find me in my room building things out of them. They were all hand me downs so I had no instructions, but I think it was better that way. Great article; brought up some nice memories. I gave it a vote up, useful, and awesome.

    • Shesabutterfly profile image

      Cholee Clay 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      I absolutely love legos! I bought a couple different sets for my nephew for Christmas and he just loves them. He has a zoo, along with an original box and he plays with them often. It never ceases to amaze me what people can do with legos. Great Hub!

    • Sturgeonl profile image

      Sturgeonl 6 years ago

      I have a collection of lego I keep handy for when kids come to visit. It's funny how the adults will tend to get involved when they are brought out.


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