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Lesson From My Daughter

Updated on February 28, 2013

(The following is a short essay I recently wrote for college.  I do not want to be accused of plagiarism by my school, so in order to post it here on Hubpages, I must divulge my real name. . .which is Jacquelyn Kouns)

For nine months I had endured seemingly endless hours of nausea paired with extreme bouts of fatigue.  I hopelessly watched the scales tip unfavorably as my body fattened with each passing day.   With pure joy, I felt the child within my womb wriggle and writhe in search of a more comfortable position.  I devoted my leisure time to careful preparation and planning in anticipation of her coming arrival.  My free moments were spent fantasizing about her future life.  I never once imagined how she would drastically alter mine.

My daughter was born just before dawn on the last Friday of October 2001.  From the very first moment I peered into her little blue eyes I knew my life was forever changed.  It was in that moment that I was consumed with a love the likes of which I had never felt before.  This brand new emotion washed over me like an ocean tide meeting the shore.  I could no longer call my heart my own as it was wholly captured that miraculous morning.  I finally knew what it meant to love someone instantly, unconditionally and eternally.  

Unfortunately, that moment of elation was also accompanied by sheer and utter panic!   As I held my fragile infant in my arms the realization of greater responsibility began to weave its way through my mind.   I visualized my infant's life intertwined with mine and I saw before me a lifetime of new challenges and sizable obligations.  I would have to provide a million tissues for a thousand runny noses, hundreds of bandages for dozens of scraped knees and limitless kisses to comfort her during numerous sleepless nights.  I would listen to my child as she spoke her first words, watch as she took her first steps and cry as she attended her first day of school.   I would spend boundless hours assisting with homework, meeting with teachers and attending academic events.  I would cheer when she kicked her first soccer goal, hit her first home run and made her first basket.   I would be there to wipe away her tears when she made mistakes or when others broke her heart.   I became overwhelmed as these images floated through mind and I thought I might collapse considering all of the responsibilities that awaited me, but then I looked down at my precious daughter and I knew that all would be well.

Over time many of the thoughts that once terrified me have come to pass, but those things are trivial when compared to what has been acquired.  Prior to my daughter’s birth I went through my day to day activities without placing much value on things such as education, personal growth and carefree days.  Now I watch my child learn and I am encouraged to unearth new knowledge.  I watch her grow and I look within to correct my own personal flaws.  I watch her play and I am reminded to relax and just let loose every now and then.

Nine years have passed since this wonderful child came into my life.  She is my greatest teacher and has changed my world for the better.  I now have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and I reach for commanding heights.   I desire to understand who I truly am and to mature as an individual.   I have acquired the ability to overcome obstacles and attain satisfactory resolutions to most issues.   I cherish the moments of boredom meant for relaxation and look forward to the days meant for fun.  She has helped me to grow in ways I have never fathomed, but more importantly she has taught me to love with all of my heart.


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