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Let-it-go How to cope with difficulties being a teenager, handle curveballs and stand up after being knocked down.

Updated on February 3, 2016

your opinion matters

speek-up | Source

family relationships and trust

family matters, relationships only works the two parties involved want it to wok or are willing to try.
family matters, relationships only works the two parties involved want it to wok or are willing to try. | Source

family conquers all

with family relations you can conquer the world
with family relations you can conquer the world | Source

trust exercise


This specific problem can be solved relatively quickly. Teens are difficult enough as is, without even taking drugs or getting pregnant they are a handful. here are a few tips on how to communicate with teenagers in a way they feel comfortable and safe.

They reflect energy from your attitude so if you are uptight or already agitated about something else that happened earlier in the day that doesn't involve your teenager try to avoid conversations that will lead to fights because of miscommunication and moods. Teens are difficult to read, their moods are all over the place from the ages of 12 to 16 as they enter puberty, they might feel like they know everything and you know nothing. Here are a few tips to handle these uncomfortable stages or phases and still have a strong relationship. Whenever your child gets annoyed at you or says something inappropriate, take a deep breath, ask him/her if you understand them correctly by saying what you are taking from their statement or argument. by doing this you give the teen a chance to listen to your perspective and see how you are taking the news, giving them the opportunity to think about it and respond with reasoning or redirecting their conversation without feeling wronged or threatened. they might get hasty with you for taking what they say the wrong way but at least you give them a safe place to respond to what you are thinking and confirming if you are right or correction you if they are wrong to avoid arguments and miscommunication.

Parenting is a difficult task, the worst thing you can do is to make your child feel like they do not have a voice to express themselves or freedom of speech. By doing this your teen grows up with the knowledge that people might interpret things they say differently than what they are trying to put across, they will think about what they want to say and choose their words more carefully, avoiding unnecessary arguments in their lives and making them better people.

What all parents need to understand is that teens also want to feel that their opinions matter.

So have fun and feel free to try this activity with your teenagers as a communications exercise.

Trust and health relations

It is of high importance that your teen feels they can trust you, without trust the relationship is hopeless and bound to fail. Trust in a relationship gives confidence, a person who doesn't judge you or lecture you but only listens and gives you guidelines or advise on how to handle certain situations. Teens are young mins and parents are there to help them understand if they have wronged but also to listen when they want to confind in someone. parents should always be willing to help if teens have made mistakes, no matter the level of damage they have done to themselves or others. life is a rollercoaster with teens, so buckle up and hold on tight. Try to enjoy the ride...


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    • Mercedesmedlin profile image


      2 years ago

      Being a teen myself, I agree. I use to have arguments with my parents and sometimes still do. Yelling never helps, it only makes me more upset and unwilling to do the things they ask. Being able to trust each other allows teens to open up more about things that we might have otherwise kept to ourself.


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