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Letter to my unborn child (2)

Updated on March 15, 2014
Very delectable...
Very delectable... | Source

Everybody is happy because your mother had a successful delivery. Your grandma told me I was very lucky because first time child delivery is often awry. I had no idea what she was talking about but I felt so lucky all the same.

So many friends and family members are rejoicing with us—and for us. They are bringing you so many gifts. They are calling for Thanksgiving. They are telling me you are going to be a blessing to my family but we already know that, or don’t we?

Your mom has already chosen whom your godmother is going to be. I guess that move should have been a big surprise for you considering the fact that she wanted you to be a boy but since you know that’s your mom and her whims as usual, I think you will not be so surprised by now knowing that she has already forgotten she wanted a boy.

She is more focused now on bringing you up. Boy or girl, all I want is a child. Those were her words and I am so happy for her.

I think i’s too early to ascertain who you resemble but somehow most of the people are saying that you took after me. They say you’ve got my nose and my chin. They say you’ve got your mommy’s eyes—the same eyes that got me attracted to her because they were the very first things I noticed on that first day I saw her.

I am just waiting for you to grow up so that I will tell you the full gist on how I met your mother. I know you will like to hear that someday but that will be another story for another day.

For a little baby, you could cry. You know how to shout on top of your tiny voice with those cries that makes everyone feel your discomfort. I am just afraid you will not end up damaging your delicate lungs. Somehow, I am also suspecting you do all that on purpose because I know how to make you calm down immediately I gather your tiny frame close to my heart. That is to show that, as little as you are, you always know how to draw my attention.

The bond is already there, I could feel it, between us. Oedipus complex? Do you want to declare that you are going to be a daddy’s girl? Wow! Well, I think I am fully prepared for that.

I like watching you suckle your mother. Your total concentration on the job amazes and amuses me at the same time. Your mom has never answered this naughty I asked her on whose suckling does she prefer – yours or mine?

cute and sweet
cute and sweet | Source

She will roll her eyes at me but she will never make any attempt to answer. There was a day I presume she wanted to answer but immediately she opened her mouth, you bit her on her nipple as if you were trying to make your own statement by reminding her that you were listening, or so it appeared.

Maybe she is going to answer it one day!

One of the things I like most about you is your smile. You got that one from me, no doubts. Your toothless mouth is what adds up to the joy of seeing you smile. Your giggles also do the same thing to me. The sweetness and the feeling of completeness I feel anytime I kiss you is an experience I want to relieve every moment of my life until the end of time!

Wow! You are growing up so fast. I cannot believe it’s already four months. You have started making unintelligible sounds. I am hoping you are going to speak very fast. They are so many things I want to tell you and I am getting the feeling that I cannot wait until you start talking.

In fact, I am always talking to you. I have read it is one of the ways to make a child to start talking fast. Which is exactly what I want for you. So I am always talking to you. It doesn’t matter if you reply or not. I know you are capable of understanding everything I say because I say those things with love.

Then I can see you are now crawling. For a little baby, you really know how to move around a lot. You are also good in destroying your toys. Your mom says you got your rascality from me. Plus your fickleness and restlessness too. I take that as a compliment.

I am so happy that you seemed so clearly fascinated by everything, most especially the lights from the electric bulbs and the TV. I could sense the curiosity in you. And I am already warming up to satisfy all that curiosity to the best of my abilities. I am so glad because curiosity is the bedrock of all knowledge and inventions. And I just can’t wait to put on that path!

Then you are beginning to take your first baby steps. It is so amazing how fast you are developing. Yes, Daddy is back. Please, come to Daddy, take that step. Take it one after another. Yes, one step at a time.

I am so glad that we have you.


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    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks Lori P. for reading.

      I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I hope your surviving children will continue to be a source of joy to you.

    • Lori P. profile image

      Lori Phillips 

      4 years ago from Southern California USA

      I love the joy in this piece. I can feel the love you have for your precious little baby girl. :) Yes, children are our greatest gifts. I have three. One died at the age of 12, and parting with him was my greatest sorrow. My two surviving children are adults now but they are completely devoted to me/us/each other.

      It only gets better, folks. :) Every stage has made life worth living.

    • Emmyboy profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks Kerlund. You are so right! I agree with you. Children are the greatest gift.

      Once again, thanks for reading and for your nice comment.

    • kerlund74 profile image


      4 years ago from Sweden

      Children are a blessing and the greatest gift we ever get:)


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