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My Babee Tenda Crib Set Review

Updated on April 19, 2020

It was over fourteen years ago that I got this invitation to attend a one day seminar at some hotel in New Jersey. This seminar was going to be about a sales presentations for Baby products, some baby crib package deal.

The company, Babee Tenda must have gotten information about me through the hospital registration system, as it was targeted only to expectant parents.

I was weeks away from having my first baby, and it was going to be quite a drive, about 1 hour 15 minutes or so from where I lived. I wasn't really looking forward to sitting through this trip, but my husband was obviously more enthusiastic than I was. Being a first time 'Dad' you know, everything was doable.

It was hard to let it go.
It was hard to let it go. | Source

Babee Tenda Seminar

We got to the Babee Tenda Seminar, and sat through what seemed like an eternity of 'get to know us and our product sales pitch', Overall though, the conference was very interesting. We sat through (me and the baby, of course) the lengthy demonstration of how the Babee Tenda products works. It was great to see that, and by then I believe I was already won over seeing what the Babee Tenda Products looks like and how it all worked together.

We've looked at baby cribs before, there was even one that we had our eyes on at an outlet mall, but what this company was selling was nothing like I've seen before, and believe me, I've seen so many, having been shopping for cribs. The only reason we hadn't gotten one at that point was because we had to move from New York to New Jersey weeks before my due date, so we decided to wait until we get to New Jersey to start buying baby furniture.

Sold On The Babee Tenda Crib Set

When the seminar was over, it was time to make a decision. After a very close look at the products in display, and having the safety of our baby as a high priority, we came away with the crib package.

The products were a bit pricey, somewhere around over a thousand dollars ($1000 plus). We signed up for the entire package which included the crib, high table/chair, bath set, and the swing set. I'll tell you though, it was all worth it.

The History Of Babee Tenda

Babee Tenda was started in 1937 by a group of safety engineers that were concerned about the safety of babies involved each year in accidents resulting from poorly designed cribs and high chair. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission facts sheet on states that each and every year, at least 7000 children receive hospital and emergency treatment due to falls resulting from cribs and high chair.

These group of engineers set out to create a set of baby's furniture, including cribs, high-chairs and other babies accessories. There has been over 10,000,000 Babee Tenda products manufactured. Babee Set of Baby furniture is designed for the safety of your baby in mind. There has never been a recall, and no single accident has been reported by those who have used this products.

Babee Tenda Crib & Safety Features

The Babee Tenda Crib was especially my favorite. It was just what I needed. It is designed to grow with you infant. So, you have the infant stage setup, and as your baby grow, you can then alter the setup to accommodate your youth. Instructions on how to go from Infant Bed to youth Bed setup is included in your package. And when you child has outgrown these two setups, the Babee Tenda Crib can still be used as a daybed.

The Babee Tenda Crib is equipped with a door that opens for easy access into and out of the crib. With a door that opens, getting my babies in and out of the crib was a cinch. You see, I had all three of my babies through C-Sections, so the Babee Tenda Crib was just perfect for my situation. I didn't have to bend over the bed rails and risk getting hurt. I especially enjoyed crawling in next to my babies and rocking them to sleep. Plus, getting my babies in and out of the crib was a breeze.

The Babee Tenda Crib also had a safety lock that can only be opened by an adult or older child (anywhere from 7 years up), so I did not have to worry about my babies climbing out or falling off this crib as they got older. I can leave the door unlocked or open at night for my then toddlers to get out and easily use their potty and get right back in the crib. It was that easy! Getting Babee Tenda crib was definitely the best investment, and the right choice for my family.

Babee Tenda Safety Feeding Table

What feature of the Babee Tenda Crib Set do you like?

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Babee Tenda Feeding Table & High Chair

The Babee Tenda safety feeding table also doubles as the High Chair was incredibly sturdy and safe. The seat can adjust to a reclined position for a newborn baby, and has at least 12 other adjustments for older kids, so a large 4 year old can use it as easily as a newborn.

There aren't any weight limits on the table. Two of my kids were 'climbers', and with all the tricks they pulled on this table, not once did it fall over. By the way, we kept the table.

The feeding table comes with two tops. One has a cutout to allow for baby to sit and use it as a high chair. As your baby grow older, the second top, which is a square shaped with no cut-out, can be used to convert the high chair to a regular toddler table.

One great feature of the second top is that it is two-sided. the white side for when you baby eats. It's very easy to clean. The chalkboard side is great for kids coloring and doodling. It served all my kids in their toddler years. By the way, The legs of the table are adjustable to different heights, so it grows with your kids. See it here.

This is what my Babee Tenda convertible table/high chair looks like 16 years after - still doing the work, though there's a lot of wear and tear on the edges.
This is what my Babee Tenda convertible table/high chair looks like 16 years after - still doing the work, though there's a lot of wear and tear on the edges. | Source

Babee Tenda Bath Accessories and Swing

The Bath Accessories and Swing I only used for my first baby. I was just easier to keep the swing chair which also doubles as the high chair seater/cushion in the high chair. I didn't want to have to keep making the transition from chair to swing. So we didn't use the swing.

Unfortunately, we had to sell the crib early this year. It was a hard decision. It was like parting with a member of the family, and I know that sounds weird, but it felt like we were losing something that's being an integrate part of my children growing up.

I had it on eBay classified section. Set the price so high so I wouldn't have to sell. Had a buyer called from out of state, turned them down. Found out I was more attached to it than my kids were. But we needed the space so I finally had to let it go (sobs).

The Safety Features of The Babee Tenda High Chair

Babee Tenda Sales Pitch You Can Believe

The sales pitch for this company was;

Safety - Every parent's concern, new or old, is to be assured that the baby furniture you're investing in is going to be the safest for your precious baby. This company had this hands-down. They answered all the questions, and addressed all the concerns of parents that were present at this seminar. After using it for three kids and not one single accident, I believe it's probably the safest crib package out there.

Durability - It was reiterated over and over again, with testimonials on brochure of past customers on how durable this crib package was. I for one wasn't quite convinced then that I wouldn't need to buy another crib for years to come. There were some claims that a single crib set of this brand was used over a period of twelve years for 5 babies born to a family and then passed down to the grand kids. Well, having now used this crib for three kids over 14 years, It's believable.

This company has good products that has lasted for years. The amazing thing is, this products are still out there. I decided to search recently as I wanted to see if I could get some of the missing parts to the table. I found their site, but they do not have an online order page. Well, as it turned out, the missing part that I wanted, there was some extra in the initial package. It was buried somewhere among the 'other' lost treasures of my attic. What do you know! Being a pack rat really paid off.

The Babee Tenda crib set was one of the best investment we've made. Sometimes I wish we still had the crib, may be then we can pass it down to our first grandchild. Really! For products this good, it will probably still be around 10 years from now. As for the table, I'm guessing that when it's overstayed its usefulness, well probably just keep it. Maybe one day the parts will be of some great use (did I hear pack-rat?)

To know more about this company and their products, follow the link below.


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    • ComfortB profile imageAUTHOR

      Comfort Babatola 

      11 months ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

      Unfortunately, no. I sold the bed almost a decade ago. i believe the instructions went with it.

    • profile image


      12 months ago

      Do you by chance still have the instructions for it? They have gone out of business. :(


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