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Letting Go of the Rocks

Updated on September 29, 2014

What To Do With Rocks

After I was in a near fatal car crash at 18 years old, I lay in a hospital bed in a full body brace. I had broke my neck, collarbone and suffered traumatic brain injury. A co-worker/friend of the family came in and told me the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. In the story, a husband and wife were moving forward as instructed by God for their families wellness. The wife had such promise in her mind about the land in which they once were, the land they were leaving. God had warned her to never look back, and so when she did, she turned into a pillar of salt.

My car crash was a result of alcohol. A few years after that crash I was liberated from alcoholism. They say that the difference between liberation and freedom, is that liberation meant freedom from an injustice. One of my rocks is alcoholism and addiction. It is unrealistic, unjust and senseless. Most of the problems that we see if the world today can be related to these two diagnoses. They are symptoms that are made up of character defects such as the Catholic sins; selfishness, self centeredness, lust, sloth, vanity, etc...

When I was relieved of my alcoholism and addiction, as was promised to me by the elder men and women, I had to let go of these and many other rocks, or I was [promised I would use again. And for me, to use is to die. Thankfully to this program and these suggestions, I had been given a tool to not only survival, but in living a pure fourth dimension such as happiness, joy and freedom. I did not have any forms to fill out, any dues to be paid or any jigs to dance. I simply had to do the hardest thing in the world for me to do-that was letting it go.

There is no scientific or mathmatical formula, that I have found for this art. It is simply letting go. Letting go of the past, letting go of the delusion of the past, letting go of resentments and staying in the moment-right here-right now. Resentments I was told is like taking a previous moment and hitting replay on it, like during a football game on tv. I feel all the same emotions of the situation happening again, except it isn't. And not only is that situation I am feeling NOT happening, it is delusional because it isn't the reality of the here and now.

Prayer and meditation help with letting go.

The Weight of Rocks

Rocks are the little things that we pick up from birth to now. The memories of pain and incomprehension that we were unable to process or chose not to. Some of us may have not even had a choice, perhaps we were psychologically or spiritually protected from processing those moments until we were filly ready.

The size of these rocks can range from pebbles; vengeful drivers, awkward moments, bad dates, short friendships, embarrassing moments, or even family gatherings gone wrong. Then there are medium sized rocks; which include natural big changes, such as, job changes, graduations, break ups, even losses of friends or family members. Then we have the boulders; these are the unnatural tragedies that we all hope that no one ever goes through; terrorism, rape, murder, addiction, disease, burglary, and the vast of increasing mental illness provoked scenarios that produce an alarming amount of stress on one's body, mind and soul.

Each person may have a variation of rock sizes and their own ability to carry or let go of their rocks. Each person may have their own way of letting go of these rocks, including faith, religion, spirituality, family, counseling, even less healthy forms, such as drinking. Sometimes we can even go back and pick up the rocks that we once let go of!

Where Do Rocks Go?

Some people pick up your rocks! Let them! Better they bear that weight than you!

Whoever our Creator is, that is ultimately where it goes, I would imagine. To the sky. Down the pipe. Off the ducks back and into the water under the bridge. Anywhere but in my head and heart.

When Rocks Become Diamonds

Tough life? SURPRISE! Adversity equals greatness. If you have had troubles in your life, then there is a natural law that you had those troubles in order to have greatness. For each challenge is designed to create something within us to utilize for ourselves and others for the betterment of the world. You know what a diamond is? A diamond is COAL. Coal that was under PRESSURE for a certain amount of TIME. Sound familiar? Ever been under large amounts of pressure for a certain amount of time? Guess what? You are a diamond. Now go on out there and shine you beautiful thing you!


How Do You Deal With Rocks?

How Do You Deal With Rocks?

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20 Ways To Let Go

1.) Change your environment. Moment to moment let go of the old feelings by actively participating in co-creating your new feelings.

2.) Be grateful. Write a gratitude list. Change your perspective.

3.) Talk to yourself. Find your Highest Power. Pray.

4.) Be quiet. Be absolutely still. Set your phone timer for five minutes. Push every thought out of your mind like leaves blowing off of trees. If youre still thinking about anything but the present, do it for another five minutes!

5.) Pet a cat.

6.) Play with kids.

7.) Volunteer at a homeless shelter, church, etc...

8.) Create a self help group meeting at a Church to help others in letting go.

9.) Write a list of all the stuff youre holding onto.

10.) Take the list and burn it.

11.) Take the list and rip it up.

12.) Take the list on a cruise or exotic vacation and through it into the ocean.

13.) Talk to a priest or spiritual advisor about it.

14.) Practice breathing methods.

15.) Get in a sauna or get to the sun.

16.) Paint a beautiful picture.

17.) Exercise!

18.) Drink water.

19.) Don't put junk in your body-no processed foods, alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes,

20.) Look up!


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