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Life 101: Advice for High School 2014 Graduates

Updated on July 13, 2014

Embrace your young adulthood. Don't wish for things like college to be over so you can begin a killer career or find a lifemate before you have the chance to get to know yourself.

You're finally on your own - explore your world both inside and out.

Young people don’t appreciate what they have – youth is wasted on the young, etc. These ‘sayings’ are common. Buck the trend.

Mistakes are Okay – you will appreciate them and be able to dispense such wise advice as this, later...

This is imperative: never stop learning about things that interest you whether you end up going to college, or not. Knowledge is very sexy, and OFTEN comes in handy when you LEAST expect it.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

What are your plans after high school, graduates?

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My Mom and Baby Brother. Awwww...
My Mom and Baby Brother. Awwww... | Source

What is the Purpose in Life?

The point is just to CONTINUE to live life like you did in your earliest memories – in the moment, with adventurous exuberance; WHILE realizing that YOU are your own parent, now.

It’s time for Mom & Dad to breathe a huge sigh of relief; and cry and adjust to your being gone.

So call them OFTEN, especially at first. They both want and deserve to hear from you. YOU are their ‘happily ever after’ AND you still NEED each other throughout your lives.

Family, Friends and Mentors are there to help (or hinder) your journey. How will you use and/or deal with them and the variety of both joyous and heartbreaking things life will be throwing your way?

"Our minds are more easily manipulated than most people realize. Realize that, and USE your brain in a sincere attempt to be a discerning fool."

The Joys of Taking Risks

‘No Regrets’ – this simply isn't true. Think about consequences BEFORE you react (especially your words - you can't take them back). Things will be better later because of this diligent-yet-flexible guard of your heart.

However, don’t forget that risks are the spice of life and the rewards are usually pretty sweet. Take on the ones that inspire you and seem worth it with 100% of your efforts. There are rarely regrets in doing that, even if you fail.

Good friends can make all the difference.
Good friends can make all the difference. | Source

Make Smart Connections with People

Make good friends with people who will support you and root you on throughout your life. They are invaluable in so many ways.

Remember to be that kind of friend in return; but find the balance between being a good friend and taking care of yourself and your own life.

It's Okay to be selfish sometimes, and you should. That's one of the ways you establish your personal boundaries and they are important.

You’re basically in transition and you always will be - but this stage of your life is a big one and it takes YEARS. Enjoy the ride but try not to be too stupid about it.

How to Get Drunk and/or High

Never let yourself become drunk, high and/or otherwise obliterated beyond control. You control what you intake – no excuses.

When you start to feel like you’ve partied to the edge – start doing the right thing BEFORE stuff goes wrong. Dilute drinks or change to a non-alcoholic beverage. You’ll appreciate the memories of those nights more if you can 1) remember them, and 2) not be humiliated by them, later.

To that end, you REALLY should not pick up babies (or pets, especially baby ones) when you’re drunk or sailing high. You think you’re in complete control – but if/when you drop that kid or pet; you WILL regret it later and feel guilt beyond the telling of it. (Not that I have ever done this, but I've seen it happen.)

The same goes for driving, except sometimes it’s worse.

Emergency Cash & Money - There's Never Enough, but You Can Do $5

SAVE at least $5 out of every one of your paychecks and don’t touch it till you’re at least 30 unless you have to. It turns out that building a nest egg isn’t a good idea to brush off.

Add more money to the pot when you can throughout the years. It will make you feel good and come in handy for a future dream.

Important Safety Question

Do you carry emergency cash?

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Also, bury at least $20 in cash or whatever you can afford deep into your wallet and forget about it. This is your emergency fund - only use it for emergencies and replace it after you use it as soon as you can. You never know when you'll need it or what you'll need it for. (Especially girls - NEVER go out on a date without money to be able to get back home on your own.)

Sex & Romantic Relationships

Maybe this is a little late for some of you; but your virginity is YOUR’S – you are not choosing someone to ‘give yourself away to’. Your body is your’s and it always will be.

However, your first time IS very special - you will never forget it. Make sure it is with someone who won’t make you cringe or regret it for the rest of your life.

Because… WE, as Humans, have the most difficult time forgiving OURSELVES. So, don’t make yourself have to do it very often.

This goes for a lot more things in life beyond sex.

Learn to appreciate how unique and cool you are – and forgive yourself for the bad things as easily as you would your BFF. This is so hard to do. I doubt anyone has ever mastered it.


LIFE is the purpose of life… And if you HAPPEN to find a lifemate who shares similar interests as you along the way, BONUS!


Magic is as Real as Reality

Our minds are more easily manipulated than most people realize. Realize that, and USE your brain in a sincere attempt to be a discerning fool.

However, don’t be so suspicious – sometimes magic in life is real. When it is, LET IT HAPPEN – it's JUST as important as 'reality'.

You've got all kinds of time to figure stuff out - and if you mess up, so what. So has everyone else in even bigger ways, no doubt. Fix it, start over - whatever you have to do.

Life is organic - make your own rules and/or change them when you need to without being too selfish about it.

Respect the footprints of others we share this beautiful world with.

Don't Forget to do a Time Capsule with Your High School Friends

Before you and your BFF's fly off on your own - each of you create a time capsule of all your favorite memories, mementos, music & movies, etc. Gather your friends for one last hang-out session.

Find a secure place to store the time capsules together and agree on a future date to open them - perhaps a high school reunion. Be prepared to laugh hysterically at yourselves.




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    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 

      14 months ago from Ohio

      Great advice for graduates of any year! I look back and I cannot believe how stupid I was at times. But there were also the great times to balance it all out. :)

    • Misfit Chick profile imageAUTHOR

      Catherine Mostly 

      2 years ago from Seattle, WA - USA - The WORLD

      I'm not sure why you would comment on this article like this - but I would generally-agree with that statement; although I don't consider everything to be a conspiracy. These tax breaks and contracts have been in place for a LONG time; which is also why so much work has been sent overseas for decades: cheap, educated workers.

    • Sgt Prepper profile image

      Gunny Cracker 

      2 years ago from Elkhorn, WI

      Most Fortune-500 corporations won't hire someone without a four-year degree. This is the way of avoiding being accused of racial profiling. If you are an ethnic minority with a B.S. or B.A. those companies will practically hire you on the spot, especially if you know Spanish. They get tax breaks, gov't contracts and avoid litigation.

    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 

      4 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Some of us had dreams of college that were not realized right out of high school. Other things got in the way, like teenage marriages, children, responsibilities, bills, work. If I could give any advice to a teen (or if they would listen to a geezer like me) it would be to pursue your education first, then, with a solid foundation for future earnings, find your true calling. A mate will come along when you least expect it.


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