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Life experience

Updated on October 21, 2010

Life lessons

Lessons of Life

It can be said that we learn many things in our lifetime and the most important things we learn are the things you don't learn in a textbook or in a classroom. We learn from our parents, our care givers, our teachers and all who are instrumental in our life the important lessons of life and we pass this on in the form of our thoughts, ideas, experiences and wishes to our children. It is something passed down from generation to generation and it is a way of preserving our family values and connecting with our loved ones. Life is something hard to define by words and at times it seems mysterious, wonderful, arduous, pleasant, happy, sad, complicated, simple, long, fleeting, miraculous and inspiring. If you truly think about the whole essence of life and how we came into this world it would make you shake your head and just wonder and appreciate the gift.

Life is the best gift we could have and it is something we all need to realize when we doubt ourselves or feel sad. We need to just take a step back sometimes and just feel the richness of our lives and all the wonderful joys we have and we should always be grateful for all the wonderful people who are part of it and most importantly, be thankful to our parents and our teachers who provided us with so much; enabling us to grow, develop and become the person we are today.

At times we feel all alone and have to learn by making our own decisions. It is part of growing up and I remember having many conversations with my parents as a child wondering what life is all about. My parents were always very supportive and always would do all they could for my 2 sisters and I. They were hard working and had good moral values and always knew the value of education. They were always encouraging us to strive to do our best in school and to always have fun. They made it clear to us the importance of a college education and gave us all the opportunities to seek a college degree. All they asked of us was to make their investment worthwhile by studying and taking our education very seriously.

Our parents did not have such opportunities for college so they wanted us to strive for better than they had and they made the sacrifice to better our lives. I have been very appreciative all throughout my life for the opportunities my parents provided me and I wish to do the same for my son. I learned a lot about life from my parents as they were very devoted to us and they were very dedicated to their work.

My dad, a man with a tremendous work ethic and one of the hardest working and proudest in what he did was an ironworker who gave every part of himself to his trade. He never had a sick day and the only time he was not on the job was when he required hospitalization from a work related accident. He was very fast on the iron and earned the nickname of the rabbit as he had no fear and was quick. He was always driven with his work and always took great pride in what he did and was very humble and never missed a day when he was healthy.

My mom was home with us throughout our childhood and that was what both our parents wanted for us and she always saw to it that we did our homework and were well behaved. Mom would always spend the time with me ensuring that I always understood my assignments and completed them. When we were old enough she went back to work as an executive secretary and she was also very dedicated and had a fine work ethic too.

As we think back to our childhood and to our parents who raised us and to all the wonderful people who came into our lives we just feel so blessed and find this as our source of motivation and driving force in our life. We learn from all our experiences and we hold on to all the advice given to us from our parents from all our conversations and from their continual encouragement, our teachers from the very beginning of our school days learning the ABC's, writing and arithmetic and all those who gave us their time, love and devotion. As we learn and grow we become our own person ready to take on the challenges and opportunities in life and forge our own path. We are fortunate to get to this stage and if we are really fortunate we will marry and raise a family and teach our children as we were taught. Life is truly special and we always look after our children nurturing them, protecting them and teaching them. It is our greatest responsibility and our greatest mission in life.

For my son I will do my best to teach him and help him understand and I will always be there for him with both his mommy and his grandma. We all love Matty and want the absolute best for him.

Edward D. Iannielli III

In my life - The Beatles


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    • FGual profile image

      FGual 7 years ago from USA

      You are so right, most of life's lessons are learned after school. Often when we are troubled, it is easy to forget how much we have to be thankful for, we live in a FREE country to begin with.