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Life With My Daughter's

Updated on March 16, 2012


Life With My Daughter's

My life with daughter's is an experience all mother's should share. While a military wife I was wrapped up in my their lives. Many other military wives told me I was to focused on their lives than my marriage. To a point this was true because periodically I was a single parent and their sole sense of security. They would turn to me for comfort because their daddy wasn't always there. Also during this time my oldest was quite sick with high fevers brought on my kidney infections caused from biateral reflux. It was severe enough that at age 18 months she had surgery to correct the reflux though not without months of high fevers and barely being awake and alert during that time frame.

On top of that, they are only be little for so long and sharing the innocent journey with them. Having a spotless house, all the laundry done or a floor someone could eat off of took the back seat. If I had taken that road the memories we shared would have been non existent. No matter how many trips we made to the zoo each time was like a first. They marveled at the elephant's, the monkey's, giraffe's, the lions and always enjoyed the petting zoo. Feeding the animals was a treat. Their only disappointment was we always seemed to miss the unicorns. They were either on vacation, taking naps or visiting other zoo's. We played Barbie's, we colored, built one hundred plus houses, cars, animals, using lego blocks for hours on end, played board games, danced, sang and sometimes just acted silly.

I cherish these memories because now, as mother's themselves they are making memories with their children. As a single parent I couldn't give them anything of monetary value, what I gave them is memories that will last them a lifetime. We went to the beach, Girl Scout camping, made camp fires, roasted marshmellows, make smores and had picnics. In fact, during the colder months we would have picnic's in our living room and watch movies together and some of our favorite shows. In fact, they now watch Fraggle Rock, Alf, My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake with their daughters. Sometimes we would go out for a special dinner, just to give ourselves a treat.

Once my youngest daughter had a bowl of natural vanilla ice cream and told me the butter was delicious. We would take car rides for no reason, sometimes we would end up at Mount Washington in New Hampshire just to breath in the mountain air or would go to the beach and walk along the shoreline. During these drives we discovered different out of the way mom and pop eateries. I always tried to patronage these establishments because they were run by common people, no chain restaurants for us. Giving back to the local community was an investment in us. We discovered quite a few playgrounds in other cities, towns and at other elementary schools. Yes, even I played on the swings. Guess you could say there has always been a little girl in me who hasn't grown up. I now share these adventures with my grandchildren. The picnic's at home, the long drives to nowhere, dancing, card games and much more. Just as I felt with my daughter's the memories I am creating with my grandchildren will last them a lifetime.


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