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Listening to the grass grow

Updated on June 21, 2017

Listen to the grass grow

In today's society we really don't take the time to see, hear, smell, and feel what's going on around us. As a result we are raising a generation of children who are disconnected from the natural world. Hopefully, this will help set them on a path of realizing we are all connected.

Get your kids and take them outside. Not in the car, not to a playground, not to McDonald's. A place that has grass and trees, maybe even a few wild type animals. These can be found, even in Philadelphia, trust me. Have your kids lie down on the ground. Now just be careful with this part because of grass allergies, dog poop, and and the like, use your discretion. Tell them to pretend that they are part of the earth. They can throw dirt, leaves, grass, and such on themselves to blend in. But let them know that the occassional bug may crawl over them and not to freak out. I forgot that part with my daughter and it took a while to try again. Have them try to remember everything they hear, smell, see, and feel. After a little bit, depending on the ages of your children it could be five minutes or thirty, tell them to get up. Brush them off. Look for ticks and other multilegged friends. Then give them a journal or a piece of paper. Tell the to write, draw or both what they heard, saw, felt, smelled. Ask them what it felt like to be part of the earth. Then try the same experience in different areas at different times of the year. See how everything changes. You could even make a recording of sounds from each area and pictures from each area and have the kids match them up. You could also make a touchy feely box with a bunch of nature objects in a shoe box and have your children try to figure out what they're touching.

I hope this helps you on your journey.


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