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Listen to your mother she cares about you

Updated on November 21, 2013

We don't listen to our mothers and do what we shouldn't do at all and in the end we end up with nothing better than an endless remorse!

I was a beautiful girl once, who would stroll in garden for several hours with friends, without caring about anyone. My mom would fix me some burgers and make me a hot coffee when I would get back home. Though I liked and loved her very much but sometimes I would feel aggressive because she was over possessive about me and would not let me go out for trips easily. My all friends would ask me over and over again that I must come or else they would be angry but my mother never cared to listen or understand I had an urge to live normal life just like any girl of the world.
I would sneak out at night to watch late night shows without telling my mother anything. I had never caught by anyone until one of aunt living in our neighborhood saw me jumping from my room's balcony. She came to mother very next day to reveal everything. I was kind of in shock but I had to face the music of what I was doing lately. My mother admonished me lately. The life was pretty cool that time and I had no tension at all. And I seriously never bothered to try to understand my mother's feelings towards me, I knew she had a thousand reasons to keep an eye on me but I couldn't let it happen assuming that I had all the rights to live a life with full freedom I deserved.

My mother told me that I should refrain from heavy makeup for parties it could cause serious damage to my skin. I neglected her advice and got out of the room as if I didn't care. I know it might have hurt her a lot my walking away from her in an agony. I could have stayed there for a while to say thankful to her for being so careful about my skin and health but I didn't.

I was doing my graduate when I got a crush on my classmate; we began to dating each other almost every other day. I didn't tell that about my mother because I knew she would yell at me and force me to get admission to another college of Mississippi. I had never had a boyfriend before so I didn't want to miss out on him. Our relation was somewhat within the boundary in the start and we were more of like a happy couple but things changed quite rapidly. He left me at the mercy of God after few months telling me that he got a good job in a company. I was distracted, frustrated and pregnant. I didn't know what to do and where to go. I went back home with my broken heart and locked myself in the room. I had a hard time deciding what I should do with the baby inside me. There was a second thought of leaving the home but I didn't follow it yet. I called my friend and asked for her help, she agreed to support me so I left my home forever.
I had been living with my friend for six months while I heard the news that my Mom died in an accident............ I was so ashamed and withdrawn; I didn't know how I managed to attend the funeral ceremony and who took me there. I was completely lost. I remorse over my mistakes and wished if I hadn't had hurt her that badly. I could have made her live a happy life but I didn't. How disobedient I was.

I began living alone in my mom's house and spent a miserable time there, watching old photo albums my mom had stored in her room. I would also touch her clothes to feel her with me, that was very insane but I was going crazy. This is what you begin to feel when you are alone. Few months later, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter name Jessica, she was everything to me. Years passed by and Jessica grew up....

A bond between mother and daughter is too strong to break.
A bond between mother and daughter is too strong to break.

Jessica was quite happy with me and we were a perfect family until some questions began striking her head as who his father was, where he was and why he was not living with her. I explained her several times that her father died in a plane crash but she never believed. She became arrogant and noisy day by day.
One day she was getting ready for the party, I saw her putting something in her bag, I asked her to open the bag to show me what she had hid in it. She refused it, I forced her to show me but she yelled and zoomed out of the room.
She came back home fully drunk, I was concerned. I took her to the room upstairs and let her sleep well for the whole night. I didn't sleep the whole night, memories of the past were flashing in mind..........
The next day, Jessica came downstairs in a rush while I was mixing cereals for both of us. I asked her to sit down for the break fast but she didn't hear and get out of the home. I felt I was nothing to her at all.

It's your responsibility to protect your love bond yourself by letting it not be influenced negatively. Relations may get harsh sometimes but they are never fragile, nobody can break the bond into pieces.
It's your responsibility to protect your love bond yourself by letting it not be influenced negatively. Relations may get harsh sometimes but they are never fragile, nobody can break the bond into pieces.

She came back home late again and this time she had someone dropped her at our doors. I grabbed her from the shoulder to take her to the room when her bag fell down on the floor, a packet was burst out, a thick white power filled the air...... Oh My God, she was taking drug, I was literally paralyzed.
The next morning she was getting ready for the college, I got into her to ask about the drugs but she was packing her bag for a trip. I asked her where she was going but she didn't answer. I asked her again, she went ballistic like a storm at me. She said, "I am going nowhere, I am just leaving for a trip, don't wait for me tonight we are camping with friends." But you can't do anywhere without my permission. "Yes, I can.", she replied. I can't let you go anywhere, you need to tell me what's going on and why there was a drug in your bag, I scream at her. β€œIt’s none of your business mom what I am doing or why I am taking the drug, let me live with my shred of freedom for God sake," Jessica said loudly. This was the only conversation we had when we left home. She came back since then and I am alone...........

Don't let hate overcome your personal relations because the bond you make with your mother or daughter is irreplaceable and eternal.
Don't let hate overcome your personal relations because the bond you make with your mother or daughter is irreplaceable and eternal.

I was sitting in my room the other day and I had a thought--- a thought about my mother who loved me so much the way just l had for my daughter. If I hadn't cause pain to mother I wouldn't have been in this situation in the first place so whatever you do wrong to someone you get paid sooner or later. I acted upon the advice of my mother and left home without letting her know about it, she was all alone just like me. I wish I could stay with her to tell her that she did a great job by raising me with her. Alas I never I could ever do and now I will never be able to do because she is no longer here.

Conclusion: A Lesson We Must Learn

You don't come to understand the feelings of your mother unless you become a mother yourself. If she wants to not to hang out with someone else, you should listen to her. It's not that she is being over-possessive about you, she is just trying to protect you from the evils out there. She doesn't want you to get hurt or be in pain, though she is strict sometimes but she doesn't mean to confide you at home at all. It's that she has seen this world better than you ever could, by putting you in boundaries her sole objective is to protect you... that's it

This is a fiction story though I hope you would like it.
Thank you


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