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Bedtime Story: Little Danny Donovan's Big Moon Trip

Updated on March 10, 2016

Little Danny Donovan is very excited today.

He is excited because he and his family are going on vacation. Not just any vacation, mind you, but a trip to the moon! Though he went to bed at eight as usual, he couldn’t fall asleep till well past ten thinking of how excited he was to be going to the moon.

In his bed he thought of how lucky he was, the only boy in the whole neighborhood to be going to the moon this summer. Downstairs he could hear his parents talking softly about the trip, and this just added to his excitement.

There was no need to call him to get ready that morning, Danny was already up and dressing for their big trip, and before his mom knew it, he was bounding down the steps to the kitchen table. All through breakfast he thought of the moon: as he ate his cornflakes he thought of the moon’s mountains. As he drank his grapefruit juice he thought of the moon’s plains, and with every bite of his raisin toast he thought of the great big step, step, steps he would take on the moon’s surface.

Just to be sure it was still there, he ran outside and looked at the moon as it hung between the old oak tree and their neighbor’s basketball hoop. Yep, still there he thought. “What a day I’m going to have” he declared.

“Come on, son” his dad cried. “Time to head out.”

“All right pop!” yelled Danny. And he practically flew from the front yard to the back seat of the family vehicle. He grinned as his mom helped his feet into the suit and giggled when she zipped it all the way up his neck. And before she fastened the helmet, he gave her a big kiss on the cheek and said, “I think this is going to be the best vacation we ever had.” His mom smiled, and fastened him into his seat. His dad was busy turning knobs and flicking switches, but turned to give Danny a great big grin as the engine warmed up. He felt a vibration and grabbed hold of his Kuma bear. They rose in the air, angled backward, and off they went!

Up they traveled into the air. Zoom! Danny looked back to see his house getting smaller and smaller. And when he looked the other way, he saw his elementary school, also shrinking into the distance. Up and up they went, until his whole town was no bigger than a marble. Big puffy clouds went by, quickly now, and soon he saw the deep blue of the ocean and the light brown of the desert. “Dad”, he called. “Daddy, can you hear me?” But his dad was busy steering and watching something that looked like a small TV.

“Now Danny,” his mother told him. “It’s going to get vary dark outside, and you’ll get a funny feeling as we break free of the earth’s gravity. Are you feeling ok?” And he nodded, although he was feeling a little funny. And he was doubly glad that he had remembered to bring Kuma bear. His mom put some soft music on the stereo, and eased back her seat. And Danny knew that this meant it was going to be a while before they arrived.

It seemed like forever that trip to the moon. Nothing but millions of stars in the distance and the silhouette of his mom and dad to look at. He turned around and gazed at the earth, which by now looked like a blue version of the moon.

When he was a baby, Danny used to ask, “are we there yet?” a lot, and his dad would become upset, so he didn’t do it this time. Ahead of them lay the moon, big and bright like a giant white pizza. And he stared at it a long time.

Danny must have fallen asleep, because all of a sudden he heard a great big whooshing sound and he felt their vehicle begin to slow down. He opened his eyes and saw the moon’s detailed surface, pale and brilliantly white, with thousands of big and little holes

They were about to land. Danny had trouble seeing below as his breath was fogging up the plastic inside his helmet. “Over there father, by the landing station.” His mom said to his dad. And within seconds he felt everyone go bump as they landed on the platform. Danny just couldn’t believe it, he was finally on the moon!

He was grinning ear-to-ear as his mom took his hand and led him down the concourse toward the hotel. He jumped and his head soared almost seven feet high, causing mom to almost lose her grip on his hand. “Careful Danny, you’ll hurt yourself.” But Danny didn’t care. He bounce, bounce, bounced all the way to the hotel lobby. After they checked in, he begged them to go outside where he jumped from crater to crater for what felt like hours.

Later he had a plate of moon munchies at the Moon Meal restaurant and a long swim at the moon pool. All too soon it was time for Danny’s bedtime, and even though he didn’t feel sleepy, he knew that no matter where they were, little boys still had to go to bed.

And so he put on his jammies, kissed his mom and dad goodnight, and stared up at the big blue earth that hung boldly outside his window. As he drifted off to sleep he thought, I can’t wait for tomorrow!


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