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Grandparents Make a Difference!

Updated on April 7, 2012
This is my grandparents Mr. and Mrs Chesnut.
This is my grandparents Mr. and Mrs Chesnut. | Source

Still Part of the Family

Even people that are in wheel chairs and can get around very well. Just because they are debilitated, does not mean it is a reason to abandon them. Once you are a grandparent you are always a grandparent. That does not mean you have been automatically disconnected from belonging anywhere or to anyone. How about the daughter-in-laws who decide to only have a relationship with their own mother, leaving out the paternal grandmother and grandfather, altogether, not allowing her to have any relationship with her grandchildren at all. Also the son only wanting to have a relationship with his parents and not hers. How would that make her feel. Let's ask ourselves what problems will that cause:

  • Resentfullness
  • Jealousy over the other grandparents
  • Constant Sadness
  • Loss as if a death, with constant mourning over it.
  • The loss of a relationship with the son is created by the daughter-in-laws not wanting to allow the relationship with the grandchildren, and visa versa.
  • Not getting to know your grandchildren causes a great pain in the heart. When you live a long ways appart, and you cannot see them all the time, it is painful, but when you are forbidden to see them for no reason, it is devastating, even when you do come to town.
  • When their birthdays, and Christmas's come and go and you cannot be a part of it.
  • What about if you had all sons, and you were waiting to have a grandaughter or two to finally share your life with and do for, like sew for or go shopping, or just bake a cake with them and you can't. How that must hurt any grandmother who longed for that!
  • Or maybe some grandsons, the grandfathers want to take fishing or hunting or to a ballgame, but the parents won't allow it because they are not speaking to grandpa and grandma anymore. Just think how that will affect the grandchildren when they get older!

Grandparents Who Made the Difference

In my case, my grandparents did make the difference in life and death, not only for me but for my unborn child. They were the ones who came to my rescue when I had nowhere to go, and was a homeless unwed mother at the age of 19. You see, my parents decided to move out of state and leave me behind to figure out, on my own, what I was going to do about my own problem. I had refused to have an aborption. Children don't always make the best choices for themselves, but then neither do all parents. In this case, at the time, God was making the choice for me, and I was trusting in Him to bring me through it. After my Grandmother and Grandfather sent my two aunts to find me in the big city of Sacramento, and they did. They asked me to go with them, they had found me at my girlfriends house, they wanted to take me to Grandma's in Portland, Oregon. this was in 1963. My girlfriend saw me sitting on a bench at South Land Park, homeless and almost 4 months pregnant. She took me home to her house and then my Aunts came and got me there and took me to Grandma and Grandpas house. I was so overwhelmed with their unconditional love, I had never experienced that before from anyone. To love you for who you are, not someone they can make out of you! People need to learn how to forgive each other, so family's can pull together as a unit and have a good relationship, a loving one. So they can really get to know each other. God's word tells us to love each other, this is one of the commandments, yet more family's do not know what that means.

Yes, Grandmas and Grandpas make all the difference in the world in many instances. Don't underestimate the power of love. Sometimes they have more love to give than the ones you expect it of. God uses who He can, when He can! You just have to be willing and available.

This is me and my son Tim.
This is me and my son Tim. | Source

A Grandmother's Love

All of my grandmother's and great grandmothers were very loving! My grandmother Chesnut was always there to take care of all of her daughters and grandchildren when they came home from the hospital. That was 19 grandchildren she took care of for at least 2-3 weeks while the mother was resting. She was the grandma who taught me all I needed to know about how to take care of a newborn child, no one else was there for me. If her daughters were not nursing she would get up and feed the babys every night after they delivered. When I stayed with her and grandpa to have her first great grandchild, she also did that for me, she and I became so close that from that time on till 1984, when she passed, she was the most dearest person to my heart. I wrote and talked with her on the phone every month and when I could I would take the long trip there to see her. I really loved her and grandpa with all my heart. Because of her and Grandpa, I have two beautiful grandsons now.

A Grandma Who Cares!

If this is the situation you are in, it would be nice to hear from you, please feel free to make a comment if so. Thank you Bonita


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