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Living In A Brown Fam

Updated on May 29, 2014

Family Chillin'


Weekend Plans

OK so all of us make plans for the weekend throughout the week to enjoy, relax, take a break at the beach or go partying with friends. But people, if you belong to a brown fam, your PARENTS plan the weekend for you.

Here is a typical Saturday night conversation with your mother in Brown families.

Kid: “Hey Mom! I’m going out, I’ll be late so don’t wait up for me OK?”

Mom: * Looks up from the Newspaper she’s been pretending to read* “Where do you think you’re going? Let your dad come back home. Take his permission and then you can go take a walk on the moon for all I care.”

Kid: “But MOM! Why can’t YOU give me the permission to go out instead? Just let me go mom! My friends must be waiting for me!”

MOM: “You little BRAT! Your dad is the head of the family, how dare you! His Decision is very important. Don’t you know I don’t even buy Suits without his consent, then how can I let you go out at this hour?”

This conversation goes on and on until the father arrives, who ultimately scolds the kid for arguing with his mother. Yes, even when the kid was begging for permission he was ARGUING according to the parents.

DAD: “How dare you talk to your mother like that? You’re not going anywhere! Go back to your room this instant. I don’t even understand why you would want to spend your time monkeying around with those lousy friends of yours? You should stay at home and help your mother in the Kitchen really…”

AND this lecture goes on and on.

So this is phase one, destroying your weekend plans.

Waking Up On A Saturday Morning to a list of things to do with your parents

*7 AM *

MOM: “Wake up SON! We have to be at the Sharma’s place by 8!”

*7:15 AM*

MOM: “Wake up RIGHT NOW. We’ll get late because of you!”

*7:17 AM*

MOM: *Hits the kid with a pillow* “Wake up you BRAT! I’ve been waking you up since 2 Hours! Get up! Get up! Get up NOWW!”

KID: “I’m up I’m up Mom. What’s the rush? It’s 7 in the morning!?”

MOM: *Gets so angry that her nostrils begin to flare* “I’ve been telling you! We have to go to the Sharma’s place. Now hurry up, wear the new Kurta we got you and get dressed.”

KID: I was sleeping, how was my brain to register what you were saying to me? I don’t want to go the Sharma’s place. Who are they anyway?”

Oh no. questioning back when the mother has a dozen of things to do in the morning! Not the best time Kid!

Waking Up to your Parents' Wishlist


What About You?

Do you get into Arguments with your parents Often?

See results

Generation Gap

What I feel is that most of the Brown families suffer a generation gap that is only widening with time.

Here are a few tips to overcome the generation gap:

  • Identify the areas where the conflicts occur primarily.
  • Outline the similarities and build strong bonds.
  • Make them a part of your life and share your feelings.
  • Be honest with each other to build faith.
  • Once faith has been established, discuss your views and opinions.


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    • Writershub profile image

      Ishita Kataria 3 years ago

      Yeah! Lol! midget38

    • midget38 profile image

      Michelle Liew 3 years ago from Singapore

      Oh, I am so familiar with Brown families!!! Parents practice double standards without realizing it. A hub I am sharing.