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Lockers for School or Work

Updated on January 21, 2010



 Lockers: School lockers, Work lockers, Gym lockers, Metal Lockers, Plastic lockers Sports lockers, Employee lockers, Kids lockers, Office lockers and Locker room Lockers. Just to name a few. With all of these style of lockers out there how do keep them all straight more less keep which ever style you have straight. You are in luck when I sent my daughter back to school I was introduce to a wide, wide range of accessories for lockers, I could not believe it.

No matter what style single, double or even triple tier you have for Work, School or where ever, there are many different items and ideas to personalize your locker.

Here are some items that you can buy to organize so that you have a very functional school locker to store your stuff in. A magnetic Dry Erase Board to keep important messages “Report DUE FRIDAY!!” Add an adjustable extra shelf made of steel, wire or plastic for even more storage. Magnetic pencil holder, pocket organizer, mirror, memo center to keep everything organized. Add a storage basket for the bottom for that extra pair of shoes or dirty work, ball or golf gloves that you want to keep but, separate for everything else.

To personalize your own locker you can us fabric, pictures, stickers, decals and magnets on the inside to give it a sense of who you are.

Where can you buy or make these items and ideas, almost anywhere. I know we stared at Walmart and Dollar general stores and what we could not find there we went on line and looked. Yes I said, we. Dad was not going to pass up on some of these really cool school locker accessories  for my locker at work or at the country club now that I know what is out there.



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    • profile image

      Michelle 7 years ago

      great tips for personalize your locker Ted:)....fantastic info...i think these lockers will keep our room tidy and organize... at the same time it decorated our rooms well...looking for your new hub!