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Looking Good Amidst Stressful Motherhood

Updated on April 7, 2017

The Woman that You Are

Let’s face it, no matter how positive we look at motherhood, there are always some instances when this “all too rewarding occupation” of ours tends to get the best of us. No matter what age our children belong to, stress is always a part of serving their needs, disciplining them and making sure that they are safe.

Stress from motherhood often takes a toll on a woman’s physical appearance. That wide black-colored pigment around the eyes and the baggy skin that goes under them simply gives away the whole picture of motherhood. This is often the reason why no matter how some women hope to send a positive message about motherhood, the way they look simply says otherwise.

But this does not have to be the usual case.

The truth is, some useful tips on looking good while being the best mom that you are comes in the simplest thinking packages and strategies.

You may be a Superwoman, but even superheroes need to rest too

No matter how strong or on-the-go you may feel and think you are, everybody needs a break- and you need it too. Taking a ten-minute power nap every afternoon between 2:00 to 3:00 has been proven as an effective energy booster. For a mother who needs to juggle several tasks in a day, a power nap could make a huge difference.

Also, a one-day break within a week is essential in keeping every woman sane amidst all the chaos that are happening at home, at work and even in her personal life. A one-day break need not be a whole day, but a few hours when you dedicate yourself to doing something you love for your personal refreshment. It is a day that is dedicated for you to celebrate your individuality.

It could be a time for you to pursue a hobby, try something new, or simply taking refreshing walk in the park. Just having a few hours of the week to yourself to help you balance your sanity would do a lot for you to become more productive as a mother and as an individual.

Beauty Comes Out from Within

“It is all about the attitude”; as old as the saying goes, it remains true for everyone today. While stress might be part of motherhood, it does not need to be the defining factor of a woman’s being. Realizing every achievement and training you get from each day gives you a sense of accomplishment. This thinking gives a woman a sense of pride; the pride she needs to fuel her inner confidence and self respect.

Thinking beautiful makes you feel beautiful. Noting that every winning battle deserves a celebration shall help you appreciate yourself better and be convinced that you are an accomplished woman because you are a mother.

True, you may be facing a lot of challenges lately. It might even be that you are already losing your confidence, feeling insecure because you feel that motherhood has already taken out the best off you, and perhaps you do not even feel beautiful anymore.

Life your head up. You do not need extensive makeup or designer clothes. You do not need to be extra skinny either. All you need is to be you and to celebrate what you have become because you are a beautiful being, just the way you are; a mother, an individual, a woman. The essence of your beauty lies on your capacity to face life positively for yourself, your children and your family without letup because you know you are worth something.


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    • rutheddavid profile image

      Ruth Serrano 5 months ago from Philippines

      Hello Robert :) thanks for the comment... true, moms are exceptional, they give it their all and never ask for anything in return .... they deserve all the appreciation and love they could get... and of course... that all too elusive REST :) KUDOS to all moms out there :)

    • Fiddleman profile image

      Robert Elias Ballard 5 months ago from Zirconia, North Carolina

      Without a doubt moms are the most awesome of parents. I don't know but I am fairly certain you as moms invented multi-tasking! You are the glue in every home and we would be in dire straits without all those wonder things you do. Your beauty is amplified many times over when you are being mom. You may get tired and stressed and maybe it does show up with dark circles under your eyes but you persevere and if your lucky enough to catch 40 winks or some me time, you have earned and deserve every second. Great hub.