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Losing Paradise.

Updated on September 30, 2009

Losing Paradise.

©- 1997-MFB III-Artwhimsically Yours Studio


For my mom who has passed on:

She was Jacqueline Kennedy
and Marilyn Monroe
As lovely as Garbo
or Bridgitte Bardot

She was Mother Theresa
a most gentle saint
She became Clara Barton
when I felt ill, or faint

As smart as Al Einstein
as kind as St. Nick
she was here 60 years
but they went, oh, so quick

she could generate smiles
she could bring me to tears
many storms crossed my face
as we weathered those years

she offered times shared
some that I left unused
visits missed, calls not made
but she seldom accused

she loved without compromise
she died all alone
I'd give up all I cherish
just to once go back home

to feel those sweet arms
and those hugs that I've missed
all the grief that I've lived with
chased away with her kiss

If you still have a Mom
and she's somewhere alone
find a moment to call her
take a day to go home

It will bring so much joy
with so little in cost
lest someday soon you join me
here in paradise lost


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