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Children Lost in China

Updated on November 15, 2010

Pictures of Sadness

The first photo is of a man, hidden in his sorrow by the sign seeking information about his daughter who is missing. Just like in the west people go missing - I have no idea about the story, just know that there was a palpable aura of sadness around the man who was set up in the centre of Xi'an city, hoping that someone could tell him what happened to his daughter.

The following day - further along the street a yellow van was parked - on the vehicle were photos and details of more than a dozen little girls who have gone missing. It is likely that these girls have been stolen to work for someone, or to be "adopted" by someone.

The vehicle attracted a lot of attention, and again I could sense the aura of sadness.

Little girls are often not wanted, and again, sometimes they are taken by people who want to exploit them in some way or another.  Make them a slave, or a "wife", or sell them as labour.  If the girl is from a village, she may not have any idea about how to find her way back to her family.

Some girls go off and kill themselves, as they are unable to cope with their life. 


Xi'an, China

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Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
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