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Toast to My Family

Updated on December 16, 2017
jheanne profile image

Jheanne has been a Full Time Employee at a Private Company for almost Three Years.


Toast to my father

In Day’s He’s a Driver

In Night’s He’s a Drinker

Oh! Holy Cow!

I bet you have now a fatty Liver

Beer as Water?

Oh! Come on, there’s no free Liver at all

Toast to my Mother

So early in the Morning

My ears can’t stop Hearing

To what you are blubbering

For me to get up and start Cleaning

And All I want is end This Suffering

Toast to my Sister Chairmane,

She’s the type of Sibling who give me always such pain

Being with her, I feel like my body would drain

And even can’t handle by my brain

Talking with her would lose my Sane

Just want to wash out the bad vibes by the Rain

Toast to my Brother Laloy

From a little Boy

He became now a Loverboy

Still he’s a Schoolboy

Study Hard and be ready to be deploy

To the world full of Coy

Toast to my Sister Piyen

Thanks to you, my life becomes Heaven

I’m used to wait you until eleven

And wake you up at Seven

Loving to Call you ate Fefeyen

Because you get mad and Angry to your ate Jen Jen

Toast to my family

No one can harm you, or else I’ll be their enemy

Only Death Can Separate you from Me

I promise, I’ll love you eternally

© 2017 Jeane Jeane


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