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Love Your Mother Everyday

Updated on May 9, 2015
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Introducing Radio Turn Up---Education &, Health&Human Performance Consultant , Radio Host, Entertainment writer and Stage Show Creator-Love.

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day---Priceless

The sweetest name I’ve ever known is the term mother. Tomorrow is May 10th 2015 and we have coined that day as Mother’s Day. On Mother’s Day, most people wish all the mothers a very happy, yet special day. What is a mother? A mother is a human being who is priceless, meaning although diamonds are really a girl’s best friend, no one can buy a mother. A mother to me is like salvation, which means free, yet can only be given by God.

When is Mother’s Day for your mother? Some people would agree with me that Mother’s Day is on May 10th, 2015, while others would suggest that Mother’s Day is every day 24/7. When reviewing both answers, I find that May 10th 2015 is the day in which all mothers are celebrated and it should be celebrated 24/7. How can we as children, grandchildren, family members and friends celebrate our mothers every day?

If you are under the age of 18, the greatest gift you can offer your mother is obedience. Mothers love to constantly talk about their children to family, friends and others. Obedience is a term that is used and refers to doing what is asked of you and doing what is right. Just as mothers, obedience cannot be bought, but can be learned. Mother’s Day is everyday and obedience is only an investment in being cognizant of doing what is right and will not cost you a dime. Secondly, a great gift that children can provide for their mothers is love. Love is a small 4 letter word, but has a significant meaning. When you love your mother, the concept of respect makes sense to you, the concept of success makes sense and the concept of doing right while no one is watching will come natural. With the concept of love, you will do what is right and also receive favor from God. Finally, a gift you can offer to your mother is forming a relationship with God. Believe it or not, no matter how old you are, your mother still worries about your well-being. While having a relationship with God and praying, all of God’s children can be assured that God will always be with you and will be that fence of protection around you.

Grown adults can provide gifts to their mothers as well. The first gift grown adults can offer is time. With heavy schedules and other events going on in life, don’t forget to spend time with your mother. Grown children can spend time with their mothers through daily phone calls, text messages, visiting or a simple note or card counts as time. Secondly, although you are now grown or have been for many years, still maintain the respect that you were taught as a child. As an adult, be appreciative at all times for your up-bringing and having your mother in your life. Finally, never take your mother for granted, because mothers are priceless!

In conclusion, if neither of the categories fit your relationship on this Mother’s Day with your mother, begin by giving her a call tonight. No one should be an estrange child because it was your mother who carried you for 7, 8 or 9 months. This year is the year to appreciate your mother on Mother’s Day. I cannot think of any mountain too high or low that would hinder a child from seeing his or her mother. Remember to celebrate mothers' everyday and I want to wish all the mothers a very special day on tomorrow. I want to especially wish our mother (Deborah Poole) a very special day that we celebrate daily!

Alfreda Love

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Happy Mother's Day!


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