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Love for Children is still there?

Updated on January 15, 2016

Love for Children is still there?

PERHAPS we never read the news heartbreaking grief befell Diana and Aisha, in Aceh. Then, there Engeline inhumanly killed in Bali, the island of Gods there. The case against them was so smothering and drain our tears. Between the three of them, there is a story interwoven. Stories that make us, who do not know them personally, despondent. Although never met, but still shed a tear for them.

We always see and think there is any reason behind every crime. May be forced. Perhaps despair. Might want to defend themselves. Or it could be for the sake of filling the rice pot. But not a single reason when news flashed three poor little girl is widespread in the media. No one, not even in our wildest imagination of all.

Diana, the little girl who bear the brunt of more than a young age. The mother suffered long enough. On the other hand, Diana's father is equally unfortunately, a blind darkness that hung on two eyelids. Although the whole world as opposed to them, the ordeal often poke back without mercy, and Diana was there. Faithful father became a guiding path. Learning to accept the state of the mother. Diana understands the meaning of sincerity in really young age. In short, their lives are fine.

Until catastrophe came in the cold night on a Tuesday. Diana hurt, raped, and then killed by his own uncle. Diana faithful are now gone. Unable to bear very sad whipped in, the mother Diana from the beginning to struggle with all the power he had, also left this mortal world.

Then, let's for a moment to listen to the story of Aisha. Two years old, and without a doubt, deserve to live with an abundance of parental affection. However, the state requires a different road Aisha. In search of a better life, the mother willingly stepped away to Malaysia. Aisha leave in the hands of sisters who he believes, while his mother worked for a living. Persisting with the hope that one day, when destiny to be a bit more generous, she and her daughter (Ayesha) will live happily.

The mother did not think anything bad would befall her. Starting from seizures experienced by Aisha, making the aunt for help at a hospital. Surprisingly, medics found that seizures are not the only suffering experienced Aisha. Somehow the story, in Aisha's body was found many irregularities. The presence of former cigarette burn in the stomach. Foot and hand suspected fracture never experienced before. Moreover, Ayesha broke her heart. Aunt and uncle were supposed to replace the love of the mother, it turned to harm himself.

Another story came from a girl named Engeline. Although still in elementary school, she had beauty looks amazing. Engeline attracted public attention in the country when he reportedly disappeared without trace by his family. Made public curious about the disappearance of beautiful girl with long hair and round eyes this. Until the mystery is revealed. Engeline found in the yard of his home, his body stiff lifeless in a pit.

Public stunned, trying to guess who the killer this beautiful girl. Engeline adoptive mother figure often appeared on television, demanding that her beloved daughter's murderer was soon discovered. Rolling sympathy, understanding the pain to be borne by a mother separated from her son on behalf of death. But various investigations conducted by the police actually led to an astonishing discovery. The adoptive mother is the brain of the murder Engeline with the execution in the hands of others. Engeline killed with inheritance as an excuse, that for Engeline himself did not understand what it means.

Two of the children are dying in vain. While the other one, if you want to say they are lucky, but able to be saved despite the inevitable of psychological suffering she had received. Thus three tragic stories that enliven the mass media. Maybe we usually listened while enjoying a cup of coffee in hand, just melenguhkan pity, and then left to continue days of peace unimpeachable. Just like that. Forgotten because they are not our children. Also ignored because their fate has nothing to do with our lives.

Caring grace

Children are a boon for any parent. A sentence that is known by everyone and become jargon scattered everywhere. Children are a surrogate of the Almighty. Sentences were also familiar to the ear and has been memorized by rote. Have the child but is treated as a gift? Is there a child is well cared for as a deposit which must be accountable to the owner of his, later?

Children are born and grow up in an environment closest people. Learn by absorbing what he saw and heard. Imitate the doings of parents, followed every direction and instruction given. Cultivate self-confidence, become independent and be prepared to face the outside world.

In fact, not all children miss the growth process within the scope of happy like children chubby cheeked pink like in a fairy tale in a book. Some children actually live under a variety of ill-treatment of parents. Receive shouts and insults when they make mistakes. Used as an outlet for all the unpleasant things. Parents might come home with a twisted so many problems, and makes child as a target.

When some children get verbal abuse, others actually wrestle daily with physical violence. Punch, fire sundutan cigarettes, and various forms of torture cruel and painful. Sexual violence is often stalking the children around us. Relatives and neighbors like being herded the children into danger. Home and school environment as if it was no longer friendly towards them.

Potter and Perry, an expert in the field of nursing, said since the age of 1-3 years old children tend to view others in terms of "all good" or "all is not well". Thus, any treatment that children receive two options will lead to the road. Grow into an independent person or personal withdraw. Children who are accustomed to hearing insults, would not have the guts to plunge in the milieu. Children who are educated with the punch and swing arm, will soon do the same thing when he stressed. Children who received sexual harassment, lifetime loss of confidence.

The kids always end up as a victim, becomes the object of all treatment because they are not able to fight. We forget that they are not there to fight back, but survived with confidence in the people they care about. A child might get yelled it out. But notice how he whines, begs for mercy. In between outbursts of anger are received, they reached out and asked for a hug. Father and mother unknowingly hurt, but the children not the slightest hate. They just want their loved ones back and turned to protect.

Diana, Aisha, and Engeline. To whom you have complained of suffering? When you happy laughter disendat by those nearby. When the seedman wounds are those whom you call family. Then to Diana, Aisha, Engeline, as well as other children crying in the booth behind their homes, let's kneel and bow our heads. They are entitled to any apology from us. We who do not know, do not want to know, do not reach out for help, did not even hear these children sob. We were negligent imagine how children gripped by fear, until their fate ended in a cardboard box on the side of the road. The last tears fell right in front of death and nothing else delete it.

Understanding a child does not mean to have a high science. What is needed is the liver. That children, with their souls subtlety, deserve guarded feelings. They are a treasure that should be treated as such until it was time to be released and begin to live a life out there. Each person, whether in the home environment like any school, was instrumental in proving to the child that love is a real thing.

If we all no longer in love, they certainly had no other choice but to go back to the Supreme Love. That's where true love exists and is eternal. Well!


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