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Love in Any Language

Updated on September 2, 2009

Allow me to take a break amidst all the noise and activities happening all around us. It seems only yesterday when we were celebrating the new year and now, half of it has passed by. Just goes to show that time really does fly. There is a Chinese proverb that says, for man to be immortal, he should do three things : 1) bear a child, 2) write a book and 3) plant a tree. I’ve already done 1 and 3. Through this, I hope I can somehow do No. 2.

Last night we were at Tri-Noma (a famous shopping mall in the city) with my husband’s family. Like we usually do, we go to our parents (mine and his) during the weekends. It’s very rare that we don’t visit them on weekends. Tiring you might say but ironically, these are the times when I am most rested. My son is now at a phase where he imitates the people and things that he sees. And I tell you, he is very good at it. He also has an excellent memory for remembering details, I guess he got that from me. So every week when we go to our parents, he shows off his new antics. One of his new antics is dancing to the steps of Hi-5 (a show on Nick Jr.), and it really makes everyone happy when he does it. Every single time. When we were at Trinoma, his 9-year old aunt was trying to teach him a new dance step where they spell the word “love” with their hands ala YMCA. It goes “L-O-V-E, I love you and you love me…”. It’s funny the way he does it, he just flails his arms up and down and sings something unintelligible. He has not yet taken to speaking. But it’s nice to see him try.

Kids Say the Darndest Things

On our way home, we stopped by the convenience store near our home and my husband got out to buy some stuff. While waiting for him, I got really sad, thinking of the work day/week ahead. I got really, really sad that I cried. When my son saw me sobbing, although half-asleep, he became active and started calling me, saying “ah, ah, ah”. He cupped my face in his hands and forced me to talk to him. Maybe he can’t comprehend what was happening. He’s never seen any adult cry. He kept saying “ah-ah-ah”. He’s like that. When he sees something he doesn’t like, he’ll convince you – even without talking - to do it his way. When he’s showing something (say, a book) and I don’t really acknowledge it, he’ll keep on showing it until I’ll say “woooow, book!”. Then he’ll nod, as if happy that I was able to name the thing. So he kept saying “ah-ah-ah”. I know he wanted me to smile but I can’t. He hugged me in his tummy and patted my back, which made me cry even more. So he just went on and on. Maybe seeing it was not working, he suddenly smiled at me and flailed his arms up and down (even though he was strapped to the car seat), doing the dance that was just taught to him by his cousin. This made me smile though I was still crying.

What Matters Most

Sometimes we are too busy doing things at work, attending to our own lives and interests that we fail to notice the things that are really important to us. We work very hard, barely having time to play with our kids or talk to our family members when we get home. We only see them during the weekends, and even then not always. This may sound like I am preaching but I am not. I just wanted to share that it was there, inside the car last night, when a very strong statement was sent to me. Our careers/work may be great or it may suck. Our financial standing in life may be ideal, progressing or sinking. Our co-workers may think of us as heroes or as a pain in the ass. We may be doing well in our MBA, or we may be wasting our money. But to me, it’s not what matters most. I know I am blessed. And I know that though it seems I am in a pit, I am in a helpless situation, this, too, shall pass. God really does talk to us in a number of ways. Sometimes He says “ah-ah-ah”. Sometimes He just flails his arms up and down, spelling L-O-V-E.


I wrote this essay a couple of years back. But the lessons and realizations still remain.



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    • mommyfreelancer profile image

      mommyfreelancer 8 years ago from Philippines

      Hello, Syuryadi Helpi! That is so true. Thank you for dropping by!

    • mommyfreelancer profile image

      mommyfreelancer 8 years ago from Philippines

      Yes, Mwaky, it is! You know, this was originally titled "What Matters Most" but I changed it to "Love in Any Language" because I thought it was more descriptive. Thank you for dropping by!

    • syuryadi helpi profile image

      syuryadi helpi 8 years ago

      A great hub. Sometimes we work hard day and night but barely have time for our children.We do care if there is something wrong with our belongings but we forget that our children are the most valuable belongings to take care.

    • mwaky profile image

      mwaky 8 years ago

      really inspiring hub LOVE is what matters the most!!

    • mommyfreelancer profile image

      mommyfreelancer 8 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks, Dohn. Saw where the confusion came from and corrected it. Sorry! I wrote this while I was filled with emotions and didn't bother checking (bad!). It was my son who did the dance and the song. But my husband means well, too. :)

      I thought of posting a picture of my son here but thought better of it. What do you think?

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      What a wonderful telling of some of the many expressions of love, mommyfreeelancer! I loved it. Your husband sure does mean well! It's as if you and he don't speak the same "verbal" language and ditto for your son! Just goes to show you that words are sometimes "overrated"! Thanks again!