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Love my mother

Updated on February 23, 2016

Love you Momy


The most precious gift presented to any man by GOD is at the time of his birth i.e. Mother. Mother is an indication of God’s presence with each individual. Life was nude and helpless when it placed its first step on earth but God held his hand in the form of Mother and said “Come on dear hold me, I will cover you from all around. I will save you from all obscurities.” My Mom is none other than God, so I love her. She is the only one who cares for me selflessly, so I love her. She doesn’t desire anything from me and has the curiosity to bestow everything she has on me. She is the only one in this whole world who can recognize my heart beats even if she is miles away from me. My voice makes her understand the sensations going on in my heart and mind. There are moments when she is out of my mind but such instance doesn’t even exist in her life. The purest form of love can be defined in the form of motherhood.

I could never understand that why I am so important to her instead she has lot more important things to do in her life. Why she feels satisfied in being limited to me? Why her day starts from my breakfast and ends to my peaceful night? Why my belongings are more important than her own clothes and shoes? Some questions can never be answered and these are few of them.

As said human birth is very difficult to earn and a lady even sacrifice this precious life for her kids without asking anything in return. This great soul cannot be other than GOD. If I am asked to write reasons for loving my mom, frankly either I would be completely silent or will start writing endlessly. Reasons are uncountable as each moment of each day is a reason.

The strength of strong bond between a child and his mother can be understood easily in any critical situation where in the first word out of mouth is of none other but the “MOM”. I can feel her importance in my life whenever I am tensed, nervous, hungry or ill. The word “Mom” is so deeply engraved in my heart that with every emotion it comes out through the passage of my mouth. I love my mom and want to take care of her as she did for me but I never succeed because I can never compete with her. She is unique, incomparable and the only one of her type.

Even after realizing the fact that our life is nothing without the selfless love of mother, we take our relation leniently. Most of us will agree that we consider her love as her duty of motherhood and often treat her badly whenever there is slight change or delay in her duty. Mothers will never say to do something special for them. But it is our moral duty to at least try to pay back some percentage of love, care and affection. We can never reach the height of love she has for us, but there is nothing wrong in at least giving a try.

The kind of hard work our mother does is not possible for us factually. But our small help in spare time can do a lot to ease her burden. Most importantly it will make her happy noticing that her kids are getting responsible and caring. Assistance or help or care can be done in many ways depending upon the daily routine but the most important thing required is the feeling behind the efforts.

Few of the efforts that we can try to strengthen the bond and also to help her :


The problem faced by most of us while doing anything for our parents is our casual attitude with them. We are so informal and lenient with them that doing something special all of a sudden is little bit difficult and even hard to digest for our parents as well. But the glitch of hesitation can be removed slowly with slight efforts. We can start by increasing the verbal communication with our parents. As per my observation and feedback with many of the friends, parents are most delighted with our behavior and nature of talk especially with them. There is no point in trying to help them when we can’t even speak to them properly. Sparing time for them from the busy schedule makes them feel special and they love the attention offered. Normal gossiping about their daily routine can be a part of our conversation and this will also make us aware of the problem faced by them. Conversation does not mean formal office type meeting, rather it can be on general topics or we can engage into laughter to ease them with routine burden. Routine talks help in strengthening the bond of any relationship and with parents it works as a miracle. Taking out time from the busy routine makes them feel special and important and it shows that parents are far significant than any task of our daily life.


Mothers are the workers who are not allowed to take even a single leave throughout the year. But being their kids we can change this rule of mankind. 90% of us will agree that mothers get tired mostly running behind us so that we can do our own work properly. Therefore before trying to help her, we have to start helping ourselves which would be her biggest help. At least we can take care of our own belongings that include our clothes, shoes or books. We simply need to prove our parents that we are far more responsible than they think so that they start taking us seriously.

We can start with minor helps like assisting her with crockery or serving food or offering a helping hand in cleansing. Other minor help may include filling water bottles, aiding her while washing clothes, packing lunch boxes etc. She will never demand for any help from us and even will resist if offered. But we have to be stern with our decision because she needs us and we cannot step back from our moral duty even if she herself resists the help.


Most common problem faced by the parents is the need of daily groceries and lack of time to purchase them from market. Apart from this many of the daily routine works gets delayed because of time issue or hassles in going to market. We ourselves are the solution to this problem but she hesitates in asking us for some help because as per her we are busy in our studies or office. But this is the time we have to acknowledge our responsibility and take some measure steps. While going out for any work, we can ask her whether she needs anything from the market. Or once in a week we can take her to the market for all household related jobs. We are the citizens of 21st century and are quite well aware of internet world but most of our mothers still lack in technology benefits. In such cases we can do most of her shopping online so that she gets whatever she needs at her doorstep. Apart from this we can aid her with the contact numbers of local vendors, grocery shopkeepers, tailors etc so that they can be at her service just on a phone call.


Our mother is also a human and she loves the surprises too and it will be highly exciting if it is from her kids. Surprises or gifts don’t mean heavy or costly gift items but minor things that make her feel special and important. She should be able to feel the love and care within the heart of her kids. That feeling of love will fill her with joy and lots of happiness. We can plan for small gift items like a dress, card, or simply flowers and give her a sudden surprise. One thing important to note is that mothers are very sensitive and emotional human being. She will never check the cost behind the gift and personalized gifts will impress her more than costly dresses or ornaments. Apart from this we can take her out for lunch or dinner or simply for window shopping so that to spend some time with her. Surprises can be domestic also like we can do some of her household work when she is outside and surprise her on her home visit.

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    • meenakshibhati profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Thanks a lot Javed for appreciating my efforts. Mother is such a divine spirit that she can not be expressed in few words. Thank u.

    • m abdullah javed profile image

      muhammad abdullah javed 

      2 years ago

      Excellent hub on Mom... The words reflect in depth love for your mother. Whatever you have mentioned is true to its spirit. Yes there is absolutely no precious gift than Mom, she indicates the presence of God and also her moods reflects the decree of God. Well done Meenakshi, thanks for sharing.


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