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Love who you are...random thoughts for Mums

Updated on June 18, 2012

I have come to realise in my 30 something years of existence that the worst calamity that a can happen to aperson is when we go through teenage years, emerging adulthood and we just don't know who we are...

How astonishing you find grown mothers and fathers still looking around them for validations of their feeling and copying each other to just fit in in the neighbourhood or society...

I am talking about loving who we are..examples:

It's ok if I eat rice for breakfast...if I serve just soup before school for my children...why do I have to give milk and cereals because the TV says it or the next dorr neigbour does it or my mom always you get the picture? it's not a revolution but just to point that it's ok to be want to do think thant makes sense for try to discover who we are...truly

Let's pause one minute and observe....I just moved into a lovely area and all the moms there are lovely...the only problem i thought was they all tend to hang out together on the basis that there could be some opportunity to get invited to parties for kids..or that their kids have got the same age group and sometimes just stick together so you don't feel left out...the same goes for stay at home mom or working moms...

I am a stay at home mom because I work from

So my point is why are these mums gluing together trying to belong so much....i realise I did not need to do stuff with my kids...just quiet times at home from time to time helps everyone settle down and I realise most moms were getting upset with me, after realising i wasn't organising much activities, wasn't inviting them in my house, and basically me not trying to impress them so that I belong or get invited...I am not sure if it was envy or ressentment...

As childish as it sounds, its real and motherhood kida throw us into high school years sometimes

From what I observed, most moms keeps the kids busy so they don't deal with the shit of the day to day life...what i mean by that...we try so hard to fill the kids life with activities like going out, doing stuff, that we don't actually spent time with them...we don't know the kids.

Sometimes, I don't have the money to do all the stuff and that's fine...the kids understand when I explained to them and I can truly say theu respect me for it...

I know I am different, but that doesn't bother me... I do feel lonely sometimes, need some time with friends but do get extra tired with all the gossiping and just to realise most of the mom never truly learn to know each other...and there is no mush you can do with appeareances...

Anywa just my two cents and i had met some wonderful people, mom and dad sometimes, but it's hard in adulthood to find people who are willing to drop the masks... But for the sake of our kids, we ought to as adults to be honest with ourselves as indivudals, our goals in life...

most of us are parents without principles, without goals, without a game plan for our children.. We think we do sometimes, but we just wake up everyday trying to fill the day...

I know how tiring it is...but knowing who we are makes all the difference, in our lives and our children lives.


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    • profile image

      Leo 4 years ago

      Thanks for the post. Yeah, it's unfortunate that many people still bring a high school attitude with them into adulthood. Don't let them get you down.

    • loulou2 profile image

      loulou2 5 years ago

      Thks Penny

    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 5 years ago from New Zealand

      Lovely random thoughts of knowing who we are. Makes pure sense to me. Awesome thanks