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Mclaren Stroller

Updated on October 14, 2009

I’ve recently been researching all things “strollers” and thought it would be interesting to write a hub looking in more depth at one particular brand that I particularly like, the Mcclaren stroller. I’m drawn to this brand for a number of reasons but chief amongst them is the fact that it’s made by a British company and, as a Brit myself, I was intrigued to learn more. You see them all over the place in the UK and I would say they’re almost a bit of a fashion statement over here. Gone are the days when your main consideration would be just quality, today the brand you “drive” is just as important.

At first I thought there must be some sort of association with the F1 racing team Mclaren, especially as google doesn’t offer to correct your search term when you type in Mclaren strollers . Although there isn’t a relation between the two I can’t help but think that Maclaren don’t do much to dissuade you from that belief and even benefit on some level from the supposed relationship. In fact, with stroller names like Grand Tour LX, I think they are positively encouraging the association, and if you go to their website you will see they even have a “Team Maclaren”!

Iconic Maclaren Stroller

I had no idea that Maclaren pushchairs (yes that's what they were called when I was growing up) have been around since 1965, when the creator, Owen Maclaren, designed his prototype the B-O1. This iconic design has been everywhere in my life since I was a child, I think I was even pushed around in one, but never realised it was a Maclaren. Those thick vertical stripes are imprinted on my brain and I think that's part of the brands appeal today. Even though many of their new buggies are very modern looking, I think people still feel that Maclaren has a strong retro feel to their products.

So interestingly Owen Maclaren's main claim to fame came into existence after he had finished his main career as a test pilot and aeronautical designer. He began his design and engineering career in 1940 and made an name for himself designing and modifying bits of essential aircraft equipment such as landing gears and protective sealing elements. He helped to modify the WWII Spitfire aircraft so that it could withstand a bullet shot through its radiator. In 1944 he set up a company that manufactured components for airplanes and at this point starts working on a piece of fold-able kit that would set the groundwork for the buggy he would launch in 1967.

He was almost on the verge of retirement when his company launched it's first consumer product, the Gadabout, a folding aluminum chair designed for picnicking. And in 1967, the heart-warming story is that, inspired by the birth of his granddaughter he changed the face of child transport forever (!) when he launched his first folding lightweight stroller weighing in at just six pounds and made from aluminum. From then on the product range started to grow with prams and carry cots making an appearance and it wasn't long, 1978, before he was awarded the MBE by the Queen. Hooray! Sadly later that year on April the 13th Owen passed away. Boo!

Nevertheless the company soldiered on valiantly and grew in stature and success, creating further ground breaking products like a baby car seat and the first Mclaren double stroller. And from 2000 onwards it's been all about high tech production and design, as well as a strong emphasis on aesthetics. Basically today's designs look really, really good.

So now lets take a look at some of the modern ultra cool strollers available.

Mclaren Quest Stroller

Maclaren Quest Stroller

High on most Mcclaren stroller fans wish list is the Mclaren Quest stroller. It's such a hit that it comes in two models the Sport and the Mod although I've not been able yet to work out exactly what the difference is. Essentially I think it's to do with styling, because actually what's great about this stroller is that in essence the frame still looks like the 1965 version! It's an old look made brand spanking new with all the latest in high technology materials and, for want of a better expression, a great paint job! If you're looking for the ultimate retro look but in funky new designs and colors then this is the one.

Maclaren Volo Stroller

Mclaren Volo Stroller

And if you want to get right down to basics then take a look at the Mclaren Volo stroller collection. Apart from the really cool modern seats this is so close to the original it's not funny. It only weighs 4kg! I think all the colors it comes in looks great.

Maclaren Triumph Stroller

Mclaren Triumph Stroller

The Mclaren Triumph stroller is another big favorite. See what I mean about the sports car references, bright go faster red, a seat buckle that wouldn't look out of place in a formula 1 car and of course the name "Triumph"! Shame your baby won't realise just how hyper trendy and edgy he or she is!

So now Maclaren is huge in the US as well, how long has that been going on for I wonder? Perhaps if you know the answer to that one drop me a comment. Well happy hunting in your search for Mclaren baby strollers and if you buy one, now you know it's steeped in history! And if you want to read more from me then check out my article on a triplet stroller.

Which of the three models above is your favorite?

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    • Syreeta Adams profile image

      Syreeta Adams 8 years ago from France

      Mclaren Strollers rock although they are a bit pricey.