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Make A Memory For Your Kids - The Outdoor Theater

Updated on January 21, 2012

One of my favorite things to do is to take something that can be considered ordinary, and kicking it up a notch to something that is a tad more memorable. When done right, these opportunities can be are memories you make for your kids that they will love and ask for again. Usually, these are not all that difficult to pull of, they just take a little effort. I love getting the chance to do something special for the kids, and one of my favorites is setting up this outdoor theater for them.

We are fortunate enough to have an outbuilding that was once used to house tractors and other farm equipment. By the time we purchased the property, all the farm land had been sold off, and only an acre and a half remained, but this building was still around. We parked our vintage trailer in it, and moved some chairs and tables into the other half. I nailed a board between two beams, draped a sheet over it, clamped the bottom to a couple of boards, and had an instant screen. I dragged out an inexpensive projector we had, connected a portable DVD player, and hooked up a small speaker and subwoofer system and viola -- a lovely outdoor theater!

For one particular sleepover, we were fortunate to have had an activity with a rented popcorn machine the day before, that didn't need to be returned until the next day. We dragged the popcorn machine out to the 'barn' and set it up next to the projector to keep the popcorn flowing throughout the movie. The 15 2nd grade boys loved the movie, and loved being surrounded by darkend hop fields on a warm summer evening, with popcorn and juice to make it extra special.

We are fortunate to have this building to use, but on a warm summer night, you can easily just point a projector at a sheet on an outdoor wall, or on the wall itself. Don't have a projector? Many video stores (yes, they still exist) will rent them, and so many people have them these days that you could probably put a note on Facebook to your friends and ask if someone would loan you one for the night, and save a rental or purchase price altogether. The point is, it only takes a little extra effort to take an ordinary sleepover movie party, and make it a memory your kids, and their friends, won't soon forget. You may find yourself setting it up for your own little movie party when the kids are gone too!


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    • jollyjump profile image

      jollyjump 5 years ago from Columbus, GA

      Great hub! Thanks

    • nwsinglespeed profile image

      nwsinglespeed 5 years ago from Oregon

      Instantlyfamily, i agree one hundred percent. It is always worth the extra effort!

    • instantlyfamily profile image

      instantlyfamily 5 years ago

      Making special memories for my children is worth the extra effort. Special memories last a lifetime. I love your idea. How fun!