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Making Bath Time Fun For Your Kids

Updated on September 9, 2011

Making Bathtime Fun

Meet The Critics

From left to right Jennifer, Bryan, Robert.
From left to right Jennifer, Bryan, Robert.

Every Parent Has Been There

Some Kids really hate bathtime and run a mile as soon as they hear the taps turned on, bath time can be a daunting time for some parents playing hide and seek trying to find that elusive child.

Children would rather play in the mud or roll around in the grass in the backyard and interupting their play for bathtime seems to them like a crime against humanity. the trouble is not getting the kids into the bath though, it is trying to keep them in there long enough to get them clean.

There are many new products available these days made for the purpose of getting your kids to enjoy bathtime and getting them clean at the same time, this page takes a look at some of these products that I have used with my children and their verdicts on each.

below you will find a description of each of the products that we tried with the children and their verdicts of each.

Meet the Critics.

Robert the oldest at 11 enjoys playing and watching football.

Jennifer who is 9 enjoys Dancing and can talk the hind legs off a donkey.

Bryan is 7 he also enjoys dancing and football and is a water baby even without the products Bryan loves bathtime.

I asked them what they liked about each product and if they didn't like anything about them and their scores out of 10.

Gelli Baff

The first product we tried is called Gelli Baff, this is a strange powder that you add to your childrens bath water that turns the water into a gooey substance like jelly, when bath time is over you add a different powder which disolves the goo and turns it back to water. it comes in a range of colors blue,red,green pink, Orange and there is a Gelli baff that changes colour from purple to blue the pack also comes with a bubble bath. For best consistancy Gelli baff powder should be added when the bath contains 6 inces deep of water.

Gelli baff is a soap so your kids are being cleaned as they play, try to keep it away from their eyes though because it stings just like any other soap.

Gelli Baff can also be used out doors in summertime and is great fun to use in your childrens Paddling pool.

The Critics Verdict:

Robert" It was great fun but not very deep" 6/10

Jennifer" I love Gelli baff can we have it every bath time?" 10/10

Bryan "I don't want to get out of the bath ever" 10/10

Bryan cried when we added the disolving powder to the bath and wouldn't talk to us for an hour afterwards.

Gelli baff proved to be lots of fun for the children and it had no visible effects on Robert or Bryans dry skin, no itching either like some soaps leave them.

Gelli Baff scored a reasonable 26 points from the critics.

Crazy Soap

Crazy Soap

Crazy soap was the second product that we tested on the critics, it comes in a can and you spray a little onto your hands.

At first clance Crazy soap looks like shaving foam but it has a very different feel to it, you can shape crazy foam and it won't dissolve you can even roll it into a ball and throw it from hand to hand but drop it in the water and it will disolve.

Again as the name suggests Crazy soap is a soap and should be kept away from the eyes as like any soap it stings.

it works well in getting your kids clean.

The Critics Verdict:

Robert " It felt funny and I tried to play football in the bath but I kept dropping it in the water." 7/10

Jennifer "I liked to make shapes with it but it was a little boring" 5/10

Bryan "This is fun can I get more" 10/10

Crazy soap worked its magic and got the kids scrubbed up nice and clean and they had some fun in the tub, there was some scum left after the water was emptied from the bath but a quick wipe and it was gone.

Crazy soap scored a fair 22 from the critics.


Brainy Baby Bath Books

Brainy Baby Bath Books

If reading in the bath is for your children then this product is just right for you.

A soft, vinyl, stain resistant book that will make bath time more fun for infants and toddlers.

6 colorful, soft, waterproof pages ,Introduces letters and numbers and is made of non toxic vinyl.

only one Critic this time as Robert and Jennifer refused to try it saying that it was for babies.

The Critics Verdict:

Bryan"the book is soft and squidgy, and it is easy to read, i sat on it in the bath and it was like a cushion" 6/10

Admittedly the Brainy baby is for younger children but it could be a good product if brought out for children of all ages.

Multiply Bryans score by 3 and we get a total of 18 for the Brainy baby bath book.

An Old Favorite

Rubber Ducky's, Bubblebath, Doll's and Boats

Although my children (oops the critics) enjoyed testing these products they spend just as much as much time in the bath with them as they do with their regular bath time toys, the old rubber ducks are favoured by Bryan whist jennifer loves to take her dollies into the bath with her and wash them too, Robert has had many a battle in the bath with his boats and would spend hours in the tub with them if we allowed him to.

Jennifer loves Bubblebath and pampers her dolls in the bubbles, Bryan and Robert get jealous because of their dry skin problems they don't get that luxury.

Gelli Baff was the winner of the critics tests but it is quite expensive at £9.99 -around $20.00 for 4 sachets should be kept for a special treat now and again. personally I think that for best results the idea of using it on a summers day in the kids paddling pool would give you better value for your money.

Crazy soap is relativly cheap at £1.00-$2.00 a can but the kids would use up a whole can in one bath if you let them.

Brainy Baby Books are for tots and infants but they are a good product, if they were aimed at slightly older children I am sure that "The critics" would have loved them.

Thankyou Critics for your wonderful and honest reviews

A note from "The Critics"

We Love to test out new Products, if you would like us to test a new product for children and write our results on Hubpages, Feel free to email our dad using the link under the ugly picture of him at the top of this page.Robert,jenny and Bryan.


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    • profile image

      AussieMum 7 years ago

      My son loves a bath, always has, stays in until he's pruney and the water's cold. But there have been toys and games ...

      Soap crayons - a kid can draw on themself (or each other, if bathing together), also on the wall or floor tiles. Crayons come in different colours and they wash off.

      Stick-on shapes to stick to the sides of the bath and walls.

      Plastic puzzles like jigsaws and brain teasers.

      Water pistols - end up with wet towels and loo paper!

      Bath colour tablets - red, blue & yellow, therefore you can also make purple, green & orange (or puce with all 3). Doesn't stain the bath and unfortunately doesn't colour the bubblebath either, though they look good together.

      Bubblebath treasure hunt - drop 10 different toys through the bubblebath then let the kids into the bath.

      Plastic picnic ware with plastic food.

    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 9 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      The value-for-money prize in our house goes to a toy boat with sailor that I bought at a shop in Holland in about 1983. The sailor has not been lost (a miracle in this house) and visiting kids enjoy creating shipwrecks as much as my kids did.

      Sometimes the simple things are the best! Thanks for an entertaining Hub.

    • jimmythejock profile image

      James Paterson 9 years ago from Scotland

      Thanks Robin, it is good to hear from you, take care.....jimmy

    • Robin profile image

      Robin Edmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco

      Great hub, Jimmy. I haven't seen the first two products in the U.S., but if I can find them, I think the girls would like them. Your kids crack me up-too cute!